Using CMS - Is it too technical ?

Content Management Systems (CMS) is the internet technology to facilitate communication on a KM portal.  As a knowledge worker, online content editing is one of the fundamental skills for future to come.  Is it technical?  Yes, it is technical.  But focusing only on what you need to know, you can learn in 60 minutes.

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DIY Knowledge Portal using Open Source

Entry to Knowledge Management, enable KM as part of the Business Strategy to drive a change, facilitate collaborations, build office automation, adopt an internet workflow, and start migration to office of the future.  Yet unbelievably, it can be achieved DIY, at zero cost.

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) - A Practical Approach

Personal Knowledge Management, PKM, is a very interesting and attractive topic for knowledge workers.  Why?  The world becomes much more complicated.  Pacing is becoming faster and faster.  Expectations become higher and higher.  More and more data and information need to be managed.  Knowledge management is becoming more and more difficult to manage.  Many people experience these challenges: