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Links to some old websites
by , 2019-07-06
2012 Graduation Dinner with lots of photo (login to google account required)
Living without Privilege Makes You Stronger
by , 2019-05-20

Addressed by Michelle Obama:
Your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.
That's why KMP emphasize on experiencing and experimentation.  Practice and action is what makes you professional.


Blockchain - A Technology that might Change our Lives in Future
by , 2019-05-20

As I previously mentioned, it is important for us to learn the knowledge of the future, apart from knowledge of the past.  Here is another one worth paying attention.
Are you aware of what blockchain is?  It is the technology behind Bitcoin.  According to wikipedia, it is

Workplace by Facebook
by , 2019-05-20

Facebook has launched a new service Workplace.  It is like a private facebook inside an organization, supporting:
group discussions;
personalized news feed; and
voice & video calls

Unleash the Power of Appreciation with Inquiry
by , 2019-05-20

A potential client contacted me for offering “an appreciation workshop” to their staff at all levels.

DIKW from an OD prespective
by , 2019-05-20

On August 16th the HKKMS hosted John Hovell, Head of Organisational Development  and KM for BAE Systems for a talk. He gave an interesting OD (Organisational Development) perspective of the dreaded DIKW triangle.

Info. Lit. with Dr. Bonnie Cheuk
by , 2019-05-20

Last Monday (23rd October), Dr. Bonnie Cheuk gave a seminar on Information Literacy (Who Cares about Information Literacy in the Workplace). Bonnie has a wonderful way of converting theory into very practical steps.

Hi there!
by , 2019-05-20

Time flies! It's 4 years after my graduation from MScKM. 
I have be hanging around with KMP2P and now KMP ever since my graduation. Now it's time to reach out our network to the current students in MScKM. Becuase I am, and we are, FANS for MScKM!!
Cheers! And have fun! 

What is KM
by , 2019-05-20

What is KM?

Confidence Building in the American Society
by , 2019-05-20

Read from a sharing from wechat, but a nice article in Chinese, which I wish to share with all KMers:

Open Space Technology
by , 2019-05-20

Open Space Technology (OST), or sometimes called Unconference, is an approach to purpose-driven leadership, including a way for hosting meetings, conferences, corporate-style retreats, symposiums, and community summit events, focused on a specific and important purpose or task — but beginning wit

An appreciation of Appreciative Inquiry
by , 2019-05-20

Last Saturday afternoon KMP hosted an event on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) with Dorothy Tsui as our guest speaker. We started with an "interview" of someone we did not know to discover their best KM moments.

KM in Action - by KF in 8 min
by , 2019-05-20

Jointly organized by the KMIRC and KMP, the event "KM in Action - the Reality" was successfully held on 20 May 2017 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Presentation - Redefining Knowledge Management
by , 2019-05-20

Some says KM is dead, I disagree. And I make my points as below.
I will convence you in person if I have 50 likes in this blog, see you in next K-talk.

Chinese & Western Management Styles
by , 2019-05-20

Saw an interesting discussion about difference between Chinese and Western style management on YouTube, and the author wish to share this:

Magical Conversation for Positive Change
by , 2019-05-20

I recently met a client who heads the learning function for a major corporation. After a year-end strategic meeting with the top management, he talked to me – terrified. The order from the top was simple: change the culture from product-centric to customer-centric.

Leadership is a state of mind
by , 2019-05-20

I recently finished reading Work Rules! by Lazlo Bock. It is about the work culture in Google and is a highly interesting read. I would definitely recommend it for your summer reading list.

What We Know about KM in Real Life
by , 2019-05-20

Watching this video on YouTube about KM in organizations, by Don Cohen, and it gave me some good inspirations even though there is nothing new about what he said.

Knowledge & Innovation
by , 2019-05-20

A lot of people are talking about innovation.  But what really is innovation?  Some questions will pop up:
How can we innovate?
How innovation is related with knowledge?
Can we have innovation without enough knowledge?

Home Lab - a PKM for Some People
by , 2019-05-20

I came across an interesting video on YouTube titled "Virtualization Home Lab Guide", which makes me think about my PKM.  In fact, I am running a lot of systems building, model building in the past 1-1/2 year.  I am not that technical as the guy in the video.

Knowledge Management using SharePoint 2013
by , 2019-05-20

There are some good YouTube video describing Knowledge Management using the Microsoft SharePoint 2013:
Webinar by Julia of Bamboo Solution

by Benjamin Niaulin of Sharegate

by Jan Skjoy of Microsoft

10 Essential Pillars of Employee Engagement
by , 2019-05-20

Extracted from:

Changing Minds
by , 2019-05-20

In my last blog post we talked about the backfire effect - how trying to persuade someone with strong views will actually strengthen their existing belief! If this is true, how can we KM practitioners convince our managers and peers of the benefits of our KM programme?

A Good Webinar Recording about CoP - from APQC
by , 2019-05-20

This is a good recording of a webinar by APQC about Community of Practice (CoP), titled:
mmunities of Practice: What Works and What’s New?

Blogging - No Ledge
by , 2019-05-20

The first blog I created I called "No Ledge" (geddit, know - ledge). It was an internal company blog to promote KM and share some of the things I was working on. It was called "No Ledge" since I had been contemplating (read hesitating) to start blogging but didn't quite know what to write about.

Complexity - it's complicated, chaotic, but obvious
by , 2019-05-20

One of the most important things I have learned when I did my MSc in KM was the Cynefin Framwork (It's pronounced "knevin", by the way, like Kevin with an "n" stuck in it) developed by David Snowden and first presented in an HBR article.

Re-thinking about KMP
by , 2019-05-20

Since our first public announcement of KMP on 7 May 2016, it's been 3-4 months.  It's time for a review of what we have done and achieved, including what has gone wrong.  Followings are what I learned:

Latest event review: Introduction
by , 2019-05-20

Latest event review: Introduction to Action Learning (AL) – Developing People and Creating Results Simultaneously 
Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00
Speakers & Panelists: 
Ms. TSUI Pui Yin Dorothy, SALC, CPLP®

Don't Send a Boy to Do a Man's Work
by , 2019-05-20

Read an article today, and wish to share it again here.  It talks about Learning Lag.  It is quite true for this kind of issues in business.  This probably is an area where knowledge management can be well applied, isn't it?

You're NOT another brick in the wall!
by , 2019-05-20

I was challenged recently by someome who said that KM is all theoretical and academic, and not very practical. I had to admit that this, unfortunately, is quite true . . .  if you hold a traditional view of how organisations work.