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Introduce Yourself in 1 Minute
by , 2019-05-20

Inspired by an article, I'd like to share the idea from the content below:

Application of Appreciative Learning (1) – Be an Enabler to Make Things Possible
by , 2019-05-20

My recent sharing with a group of experienced trainers about the concept of Appreciative Inquiry and its application has inspired me to reflect on my own journey.

Facilitation is necessary for CoP
by , 2019-05-20

Here is a YouTube video by Nancy Dixon about Community of Practice (CoP).  She said, communities cannot run by it's own.  It needs to be taken care of.  The facilitator will make the community safe and comfortable for knowledge to flow.

How Google Works: 50 ideas
by , 2019-05-20

I came across this excellent article which outlines the smart management in today's environment, and I can't wait to share with our KMers:
How Google Works:  50 Ideas
By Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle
We are:

KMP Review - Suggestions and Actions
by , 2017-11-30


This is the report from the KMP Review which summaries the ISE 5605 student report, KMP response and subsequent discussion outcomes:

Dealing with the Dynamic, Uncertain and Complex World
by , 2017-11-16


How Action Learning Addresses Various Organizational Issues with Long-term Impacts
by , 2017-09-14


Reg Revans Talking about Action Learning
by , 2017-09-05


In the following video Reg Revans, the grandfather of Action Learning, talks about Action Learning:


What is Action Learning
by , 2017-09-05


The following video explaining what Action Learning (AL) is by Dr. Michael Marquardt, the father of Action Learning. In this video, Dr. Michael Marquardt explains what AL is, its nature, and the benefits. 


The Learning of Dynamics behind Action Learning
by , 2017-08-27


Simon Sinek on leadership qualities
by , 2017-08-27


What is Action Learning - from the perspective of a KM Professional
by , 2017-04-18


A Typical KM Manager's Job
by , 2017-01-23

Here is a job ad for a Knowledge & Education Manager's position from internet, which typically outlines the job of a KM manager.  It is a good reference for a KM practitioner if you are looking for a KM position.


Dialogue with the Practitioners 7 May 2016
by , 2016-06-01

After the introduction to KMP by KF Cheng, the event moved to the discussion panel section. The panel discussions were held, The first with panelist who have held, or are holding jobs with a KM title. This panel concentrated on KM jobs, their requirements and what was being looked for.

Collaboration Is Never Really About Collaboration
by , 2016-05-31

Motivation underpins that collaboration in (1) Getting buy-in; (2) Feedback; (3) Encouragement; (4) Coordinating; (5) Finding missing information and (6) Gathering new ideas

Positive or Not. It is NOT the Focus!
by , 2016-05-26

Learn from the best. It is not new to top achievers. Athletes examine every move of world champions and visualize themselves executing the perfect moves. Biographies of successful people are bestsellers of all time.