Chinese & Western Management Styles

Saw an interesting discussion about difference between Chinese and Western style management on YouTube, and the author wish to share this:
Western organizations are more focus on systems, and Chinese organizations more on relationship.  According to the speaker 趙善軒 in his research, Chinese business organizations tend to be family business, because families are what they can trust.  For Western business organizations, they tend to more running by systems, and that reflects more trust in the law.  For family business, it is ok for short term success.  However, when the business becomes successful after time, people will also change in time due to different reasons.  Original partners might have different values and needs over time.  As a result, it is difficult to scale up.  While for the western style business organizations, when they run the business using systems, it will be easier to scale up.  That's why you could see more western organizations running franchise or chain stores.
The original YouTube video, which is in Cantonese: