Leadership is a state of mind

I recently finished reading Work Rules! by Lazlo Bock. It is about the work culture in Google and is a highly interesting read. I would definitely recommend it for your summer reading list. Each chapter ends with a helpful list of bullet points that summarise the content (great for those with little time to read or a short attention span). The bullets in the first chapter reminded me of a this Gaping Void comic (one of my favourite business comics, I highly recommend subscribing to their blog). The bullets in Work Rules! were:
Choose to think of yourself as a founder
Now act like one
I love this idea of the duality of leadership, anyone can and should have the mindset of being a leader, or founder as Bock puts it, and company or organisation should have the courage to develop that mindset and let it flourish. Change from within and from without, from the employee and from the employer. It doesn't mean that employees take over from the the bosses, this is not revolution, it is allowing employees to shine and show what they are capable of. In other words, evolution. It will lead to happier, more productive employees and growth for the company (i.e. happy bosses). Not to be too geeky about it, it fulfils the fundamental psychological needs for autonomy, belonging, and competence. Win, win!