Types of Resources that will be available:

  • All You Can Ask - crowd-source an answer to questions in your mind.  An online assistance in KM practice.
    • Connect with them online
    • Enlarge your circle of contacts and maximize your potentials
    • Find out who is the SME (subject matter expert) and in what
  • Tools Library - KM tools library
    • Together we build the library of tools
    • Listen to recommendations from the experienced before making your choice
  • Be an Opinion Leader - create online content, and catch the opportunities to become an opinion leader
    • Find out how others value your passion
    • Time will pay your effort
    • Show your influence and build your image
    • Let KMP be the platform to help you, and you help the platform too
  • Create Online Training and share on the platform
    • Develop online training materials
    • A practice brings you the real experience
    • Online learning is the future of the learner, and for the creator too