Data Collection Policy

Personal Data Privacy is a legal requirement.  All organizations must follow by law.  It is required that all members of KMP, including the Community Managers will follow:

  • Personal data should not be collected by the individual communities.  The Secretarial office can offer assistance to activities such as event registrations, and will be done in a legitimate manner trusted by all members and participants.
  • For community events, personal data collection should be kept to the minimum necessary for administration of the event. The data should be detroyed once the event is complete and in no circumstances is the data to be passed to a third party without prior permission from the Executive Committee.
  • Special care must be taken when dealing with co-organizers, sponsors or supporting organizations in events or activities.  It will still the obligation of KMP to protect such data privacy.  Responsibility of data protection falls to the organizers who are still liable.
  • Inappropriate personal data collection by unauthorized members, committes or community managers can be liable to violation of the laws of Hong Kong, and can result in legal actions.