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  • These are English speaking communities. To be able to reach all members, please write and express yourself in English or provide a translation (for example for quoting Chinese idioms).
  • KMP is a professional site. Explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, pornography and so forth is not allowed.
  • Speak and treat others positively and with respect. You need not agree with everone’s opinion, but please respect it as you would have others respect yours. Inquiry in the spirit of discovery. Flaming will be dealt with.
  • Always ask if you don't understand, we will always give you any help you need.
  • Share with us what you can, we all want to learn.
  • Have fun and enjoy our community forums.

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It is not necessary to repeat the entire question in your answer. If things may be unclear, quote the relevant part that you are spwcifically answering. This keep topic shorter and easier to read.

Size limits of attachmenets and pictures??

  • Posts should be made in the relevant topic in the relevant community. Members are asked to read the topic descriptions before posting.
  • Double posts are discouraged. A double post is repeating the same meassage in multiple topics or communities.
  • No topic hijacking (steering off topic). Please try stay on topic where discussions are specific. General discussions may vary on topics, but if a specific question is being addressed, all answers should refer to that question. Any related off topic discussion should be started in a new topic and a post with the link added to direct people to the new topic.
  • Topic titles should describe what the topic is about. A poor title would be "HEEEELP!" A good example would be "I have a problem with reusing AARs."
  • No advertising (selling or free items or invitations to other forums) unless officially approved by the moderator or Admin.
  • Do not post or link to any illegal software, books, or other “warez” or sites that offer such material. Any such posts will be immediately deleted and the poster dealt with as approporiate. See below.
  • Topics on politics, religion, and philosophy tend to cause polarisation and strong opinions. KMP would prefer to remain neutral on such issues and so posts in these areas are strongly discouraged. If absolutely necessary, such posts will be restricted to “General” or the off-topic “Lounge” threads.
  • Please check if any links to legally offered materials are time limited and add the information to the post. For example: Free book (posted 15/07/16 – time limited offer). If the offer expires, please try and update your post accordingly.
  • Please use the search to see if a specific question has been asked and there is already an answer. If your problem is slightly different you may add your question to the topic.
  • This website is for everyone to contribute and learn. Please don't keep making requests without offering anything in return. Your ideas and experiences, however limited, are of value to the community.