Rules & Regulations


Same as in all other associations or societies, all members of all different categories are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of KMP.  Offence in Rules & Regulations can be liable to different results as determined on a joint decision by appropriate authorities in the KMP Committee.

  1. Members are eligible to join the activities organised by KMP, share and respond at members’ area, and submit articles for publication at the KMP website.
  2. Members shall agree to abide by the rules & regulations of KMP, which can be revised from time to time according to the need of KMP through a legitimate decision process.
  3. Members' information will be listed in the KMP website in the Membership Directory and Members' Individual Profile, with selected information decided by KMP.  The association will balance between publicity and privacy, but decision from KMP is deemed final.
  4. Members’ sharing and interaction need to meet KMP’s requirement set for members, e.g. in code of conduct, data privacy, etc.
  5. This community is not a feeding trough for companies looking for business... It's a garden to plant seeds in! Be a blessing...

Registration and identity

This site operates in a trusted and open manner which is one of the principles of knowledge management. All submissions to the site is tied back the originator and will be marked by their user name. Anonymous submissions will not be allowed.

  1. When registering on the site, members shall use their actual name and contact details. Aliases and anonymous information will not be allowed, The webmaster may check applications details before accepting for membership.
  2. Log in will be by user name which will normally consist of the member's first and last name (or a variation thereof). This user name is used to identfy all posts, comments and other submissiosn by the member on the website, therefore a proper user name of identification will be decided by KMP.
  3. Members are strongly encouraged to submit a portrait photo in their personal profile. The photo shall show the user's face and preferably a recent photo showing head and shoulders (similar to a passport photo). These photos will help members identify each other at meetings and social gatherings. Regardless of any other social media practice, a proper photo is a respect to other KMP members.  The committee reserves the right to remove or replace a photo of the member if it does not meet the above requirements.  Members have the rights not to upload their portrait.