The Serving Office

Thanks to their voluntary contributions, the Serving Office consists of the elected Contributing Members who are serving in the Executive Committee or other teams.

Total: 6
Andreas Sher's picture
ExCo Member
Contributing Member
since 2015-09-14
KF Cheng's picture
ExCo Member
IntelliLife HK
Director & Consultant
Contributing Member
since 2012-11-02
Don Chan's picture
ExCo Chairman
Staff Development Officer
Contributing Member
since 2013-11-03
Queenie Wong's picture
ExCo Finance
Jakks Pacific (HK) Ltd.
Director, Merchandising
Contributing Member
since 2017-02-03
William Ng's picture
ExCo Member
Intertek Hong Kong
Technical Supervisor
Contributing Member
since 2012-11-24
Alan Tam's picture
ExCo Member
University of Tasmania MScKM Member
since 2021-03-10