Terms of Reference


The Terms of Reference for Basic, MScKM, Full and Professional Membership:

  • Terms of memberships is 1 year, renewable at the start of each calendar year on January 1.

The Terms of Reference applies to the Executive Committee (ExCo) members as follows:

  • Appointments to the ExCo cover 2 calendar years which ends on December 31 of each term.
  • ExCo meetings will be held once a month to cover operation of the association. All ExCo Members are obliged to fulfill 70% of participation and legitimate attendance in this the ExCo meetings. Additiional meetings might be needed on an ad-hoc basis, as requested by the President or the ExCo Chairman.
  • Appropriate meeting procedures and proceedings should be followed, and published on KMP website
  • Unless otherwise exempted under special situations, ExCo Members should be Professional Members, and fulfill the requirement of Professional Members at the same time, including membership fees and CPD requirement whenever applicable.
  • Individual roles in the Executive Committee will bear respective responsibilities, and associated requirements.

The Terms of Reference applies to the Advisors as follows:

  • Terms of Advisors vary depending on the nature of the advisors.  It can be life-time or fixed term as long as the terms and requirement as Professional Members are followed.