Automatic Transfer of Membership from KMP2P

To all previous registered members of KMP2P,

Further to the announcement of the transition from KMP2P to KMP made on 7 May (, all registered members of KMP2P in the past, and in the old websites, have been added as a "Basic Member" of the Association of KM Practitioners (KMP).  Members will automatically receive news, updates and notifications from the association by emails, and this will probably be the first improvement of the membership.

For original members of KMP2P, the transfer to KMP has occurred automatically.  The membership continue to be free until 31 Dec 2016.  Beyond that, membership fee is not yet decided, and will depend on the cost of operation, and the principle of affordability and reasonable.  However, if you don't want to continue your membership with KMP now, you are free to withdraw by notifying us through email to

We would like to welcome you to KMP. To find out more about KMP and some of our upcoming events, please visit our website ( or the Facebook page (  If you have any questions or comments on KMP, membership or any of the upcoming events, please feel free to contact us through

KMP2P started as an alumni group wishing to continue learning and sharing about knowledge management. KMP has grown out of the roots of KMP2P to reach a larger audience than just the PolyU MscKM alumni. The goals remain the same, that is to continue learning and sharing, but with the additional focus of reaching out to the wider business community to promote knowledge management practices and enable collaboration between business leaders and KM practitioners.  You can also find out that the original website has been merged together with

We hope that you will enjoy your time with KMP and invite you to actively participate in our online discussions as well as our events. After all, we learn best when we learn from each other!


by the Provisional Executive Committee (PEC)

15 May 2016

Expiry Date: