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Hi all, this is a storytelling time....


Recently I was interviewed by current MScKM students for their CoP project, I was reminded that there are still missing info I have put on kmp2p.org. And here it comes, the sharing with Hawwei in 2015 about knowledge mapping. 

Actually it is steps I developed to construct the APQC knowledge map, I chose this 2 by 2 matrix from knowledge map becuase it is much easier to build than a knowledge map based on social network analysis. I haven't follow up with Frankie if they have adapted our proposal, maybe it's about time to ask about his knowledge mapping journey last year.


Additionally we gave some advies verbarlly:

- There is no need to go into too detail when constructing the knowledge map, try to view it at strategic level

- Let department heads

- Get our of your door to walk around in the organization, it helps KMer to discover things that were never experted

- Knowledge map helps to discover your competitive advantage

- Try to start with small teams (trial run) to get quick win, let department heads to clarify what is the need of his/her department. Ingredients for knowledge map should be based on customers need. 


Some diffucult questions were left untouched after the sharing, and as a professional we must be able to provide convincing answers:

- Network is more important, maybe a knowledge map based on social network is more suitable (why you chose a 2 by 2 matrix knowledge map instead of the social network based version?)

- How much time we have to spend to construction this knowledge map? What resource is needed? How to guarantee inout quality from emplyees and bosses?

- What is the ROI? How much we have to spend to get what we wanted?

- Do you have success stories about knowledge map?

- We maybe spedning a lot for efforts to find something we already knew, how to avoid this?


Thoes are very challenging questions we have to answer at the end of the day. I still have no clue yet. Will I ever give up finding the answer? 




Pls enjoy reading, thank you!



4 Mar 2016



MOOC Knowledge Management & Big Data in Business


APQC Knowledge Map and Process Map Overview


Skill gap analysis


RJ for Seminar - Making innovation work: knowledge creation at the intersection of techonolgy and business modles


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