The KMP Website - A New Release

A new version of the KMP website has just been released.  There were some technical issues in the previous release which becomes an obstacle for further enhancement.  Starting with this new release, the following new features are available:

  • Site-in-site - web sub-space owned by individual groups.
    • Subsites, or sometimes called micro-sites, can be built customized for individual offices or communities under their own management
    • Supporting 4 types of groups for now, with different visibility and privacy.  In particular, communities default to a more transparent mode.  Non community members can still view the content and activities inside a community.
  • Services - marks the start of offer of different types of services to external parties.
  • Member profile - each activated member can share with other members or the public about themself
    • With this new release, member account will be activated soon, by lots.
    • Members can form or participate in the communities and develop their own interests.
  • Better defined functionalities available to different membership levels.

The KMP platform is continually under development and enhancement.

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