A Talk on Storytelling – Why Numbers Numb Us, But Stories Stir Us

The HKKMS, KMIRC, and the Digital + Direct Marketing Association of Hong Kong are jointly organizing a talk by Anthony Tasgal on Storytelling – Why Numbers Numb Us, But Stories Stir Us.  Details are as follows:

Date 3 May 2016 (Tuesday)
Time 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Venue 22nd Floor, United Centre, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Fee Free for members of the organizing troups.


In a world that is DRIP [Data Rich, Insight Poor], everyone wants to get their message across, but no one has time to listen.

Much of what we carefully prepare in our presentations goes into mental “attention spam”: filtered out before it gets a chance to reach consciousness and consideration because its reliance on numbers and “messaging” only talks to our rational System 2 rather than appealing to the emotional power of System 1.

Anthony Tasgal (“Tas”) will be moderating a conversation about and around his new book, The Storytelling Book, which explores why we need to restore the emotional power of storytelling to our presentations and communications in order to maximise organisational effectiveness. Come find out why insightment is an essential way of thinking, how to move from Messaging to Massaging, and from Knowledge Management to Meaning Management.

To this end, the talk will propose solutions which might help overcome the identified limitations.

For more information or for registration, please refer to the HKKMS website: http://www.hkkms.hk/index.php/2016/04/storytelling.

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