Vietnam Visit organized by MILESAA

MILESAA is planning a overseas group tour to explore the industrial and investment development of Vietnam.  There will also be visit to some factories in Hanoi invested by Hong Kong people.  Following is some tentative information:

Date September 23-26, 2016 (4 days 3 nights)
Tentative Itinerary  
Day 1 Hong Kong to Hanoi (KA297  8:30-9:35)
  Hanoi to 海防 (2 hrs)
  Visit to 3 factories, 咖啡廳
Day 2 10:00坐車到下龍灣 (3hrs)
  15:00上船, 船上過夜
Day 3 早上下龍灣觀光
  中午坐車回河內, 到河內觀光
Day 4 Hanoi to Hong Kong (KA296  10:30-13:35)

Interested parties please pay attention to announcement from MILESAA at  For those who graduated from MScKM but not yet become their member of MILESAA, it is recommended that they can consider joining now.  The Life membership fee of MILESAA is only HK$300, just reduced recently.  MILESAA members can optionally become the member of the Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations.  Refer to the MILESAA website for details, download membership form and other details.

Note:  This is a tentative plan and schedule.  For confirmation, please refer to MILESAA

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