KMP offers services to HK business organizations or individuals, most of which are free of charge or at a minimal covering cost.  We take these contributions as the opportunities of practice for our members as KM practitioners.  KMP is a non-profit association, and the services we offer are mainly on voluntary basis.  A little feedback comment, a recognition of our members' contribution would be their best return.  This is how KMP would wish to contribute to the HK society with our knowledge and experience in Knowledge Management.

Our offerings are available in different format, such as:

  • Talks - Knowledge and experience sharings in KM and different business practices by qualified members and professionals that provide good business values to organizations and the individuals for training and development, and even innovations.  Some of our talks might help you to kickstart your project or strategic plan.
  • Trainings & Workshops - Trainings in specific areas of expertise by our experienced members, which can be a good source of training for staff development and job enrichment.
  • Mentorship & coaching - A one-to-one mentorship or business coaching provides the most valuable personal and management development under privacy.  For the mid or senior management, coaching is a also a good tools of innovation.
  • KM services - If KM is part of the business strategy for your organization development, talk with our experienced and qualified members for some ideas.  An external catalyst might be something ideal to start with.  KM has been taken by many large organizations as part of their core development strategy to develop their organization and staff in this current knowledge economy.
  • Survey & auditing services - an objective, true and honest knowledge of what you want to know, probably best done by a neutral but trusted 3rd party agency.
  • Event organization - we provide advice & assistance to organize company activities such as team building
  • Consultancy - a trusted external organization can be a valuable partner as a catalyst of change, as a mean of diversification of thoughts, as a tactic for neutral opinions from a trusted 3rd party, or even as a tools in part of the overall business strategy.  Discuss your thoughts and ideas under proper protection of your privacy and explore how our experienced professionals can help.  Sometimes, getting things done through a 3rd party is a better choice.  Very often, they serve as a better change agent in your organization simply because they're a trusted 3rd party.
  • Job advertisement - KMP provides a free job advertisement service for employers who considers the KMP members would match their needs and requirements.  By nature, members joining KMP are people committed to learning, sharing and contributing, and that's the reason they join KMP as members.

These are examples of services we can offer, in a way also helping our qualified members to practice and grow in their career and business too in a win-win situation.  Currently not all of these are available and listed.  More will come and your voice will also help us succeed.  Talk to us in more details with your confidentiality and privacy covered.  KMP is committed for trust & integrity, and we require our members to follow the same as stipulated in our Code of Conduct and Rules & Regulations.  KMP qualifies our members at different membership levels with their actual practice and outcomes.

    If you are:

    • looking for resources for staff training & development?
    • looking for a transformation where 3rd party would be in a better position to help?
    • looking for innovative ideas from the diversified professionals?
    • looking for quality business connections which give you different experience?
    • looking for someone you can trust to talk to?

    Talk to us by sending email to, and we'll arrange for a meeting under privacy.


    For the KMP members:

    For career development, to help, share, practice and contribute is the best way to learn, to experiment, and at the same time to win your life-time partners & friends, as well as building your own personal branding which follows you in your entire life.  KMP encourages and supports our members to become successful by actions and experimenting.

    • Join KMP as a member and start your connection with us.
    • Talk to us, and KMP might be the best platform for you.



    KMP is a non-profit organization.  While some of the services are offered free of charge, but some might be chargeable too to cover costs incurred because KMP as an organization also requires funding for our sustainability.  We appreciate any donations to support the KMP operation and activities if our services is helpful, or if you consider this meaningful.  Some of the events or activities are charged because there are actual costs incurred, such as venue & equipment rentals, cost of copyrighted materials & tools, etc.  We also encourage our members to development their career or business on this platform too, if the service is also beneficial to our clients.  KMP will make sure all these charges, if applicable, is reasonable, and bring values.




    Types of Resources that will be available:

    • All You Can Ask - crowd-source an answer to questions in your mind.  An online assistance in KM practice.
      • Connect with them online
      • Enlarge your circle of contacts and maximize your potentials
      • Find out who is the SME (subject matter expert) and in what
    • Tools Library - KM tools library
      • Together we build the library of tools
      • Listen to recommendations from the experienced before making your choice
    • Be an Opinion Leader - create online content, and catch the opportunities to become an opinion leader
      • Find out how others value your passion
      • Time will pay your effort
      • Show your influence and build your image
      • Let KMP be the platform to help you, and you help the platform too
    • Create Online Training and share on the platform
      • Develop online training materials
      • A practice brings you the real experience
      • Online learning is the future of the learner, and for the creator too