The Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners, or simply KMP, is a community to support and facilitate Knowledge Workers to learn and practice. As a non-profit organization it aims to promote Knowledge Management to the general business public in Hong Kong.  We invite like-minded KM practitioners and professionals to help each other and together we contribute to the wider business community in Hong Kong.  By contributing, we learn solidly by experimenting and experiencing, and through practising, we develop ourselves to become professional.  KMP is a platform where business people and organizations bring benefits and contributions to each other.  KMP promotes:

  • Life-Long Learning for the individuals who are looking for personal development
  • Networking Opportunity for business people who are looking for growth and business cooperations
  • Capacity Building for the individuals and organizations, for business growth and sustainability
  • Services and Inspirations to business owners and senior executives
  • Job Market for organizations to look for the right candidates who are willing to learn and to contribute

As KM practitioners, we:

  • lead with knowledge and innovation
  • learn and collaborate for development and growth
  • help each other for to build team partnerships
  • act and bring results, which is much more than just learning
  • are the catalyst that brings transformation and change
  • and most importantly, develop ourselves to become Professionals by Practice

On Practice

Actions and practice is our emphasis, which differentiate us from other similar organizations.  In KMP, we honor actions and practice as practice which will be the foundation to become a professional in KMP.  Here is a quote from Xunzi 荀子:

What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand