The Concept


The community was founded by a group of like-minded graduates from the MSc in Knowledge Management (MScKM) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University back in November 2012 called KMP2P.

In order to bring KM practice to the next level, and make it actionable and practical, KMP was founded to go further to the next step, and go public. In order to make KMP work, it rides on the concept of crowd-sourcing:

  • KMP as the BIG crowd-sourcing project for KMP2P, for MScKM students and graduates, or for other qualified KM professionals, with clear and achievable targeted objectives, and yet open for inspiration of new suggestions. Here is how things work:
    • Wish list(s) targeting a KM initiatives for potential business clients will be established and published. These wish lists will be open for inspiration subject to assessment by appropriate and qualified moderators from KM professionals to make sure it is legitimate and benefitial to the general business public.
    • KM professionals are invited to contribute based on what they can offer, they are capable of, and action by providing as a service. The KM professionals might contribute as a volunteer, or can be rewarded in cash based on the outcome as viewed by the business public. As an example, a KM blogger can be rewarded in cash based on number of hits because they bring traffic, publicity, subscriptions, and memberships, etc. An online training course or materials can be rewarded in cash according to participation, because they bring values to the members of KMP, to become or continue to be the members. The KMP will also require promotions so those who participate in promoting KMP either online or offline can be rewarded too. These rewards, funded by membeship fees, donations and reserves from activities, however, will not be significant enough to support a living so it is not a job position by itself. Of course, they are welcomed to donate these rewards back to KMP as they might wish.
    • By contributing such services to KMP, KM professionals will also benefits in practising their knowledge and skills in different ways but in a real business environment. This is also a great opportunity for them to build up their own personal branding in the field of KM, which will be extremely helpful either in their career as a paid job position, or as a consultancy professionals, or for any other possible businesses.
  • KMP as a platform of crowd-sourcing for parties interested in KM
    • A platform of sourcing of KM-related practice or learning.
    • A platform for KM Professionals to introduce and practice KM in the market, and develop their professionalism and branding.
    • A platform for the business public to learn about KM, and how KM brings business sustainability and innovation.
    • A platform to match those interested, and through this matching achieve growth in business for the business public, and growth in knowledge and experience for KM Professionals.
    • A potential marketplace for KMers for KM professional services or job seeking.
  • KMP as a frontier leading changes
    • Learning brings knowledge.
    • Action brings changes.
    • Together we bring sustainability and innovation.

KMP rides on a basic principle:

Professional by Practice - experience brings transformation to become Professionals