The History


The Association has its roots in the KMP2P group, which was basically formed by a group of graduates and students from the MSc in Knowledge Management program in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Starting early 2016, a new proposal was initiated by KF Cheng, the Founder of KMP2P, to open up the group to accept non-graduates as members.  It was accepted by the Executive Committee members at that time, and KMP2P was transitioned to the Association of KM Practitioners (KMP) of today.

To understand more the origins and ideas of the Association, the original setup documents from the KMP2P website have been replicated here for the purpose of recording our historical footprint.  Note that they are for reference only and are NOT applicable any more.


Previous Description of KMP2P


This is what shown in the old KMP2P website which is not applicable any more.

KMP2P (from KM Practitioners to KM Professionals) was initiated by KF Cheng, and currently operated by a group of graduates from the MSc in Knowledge Management (MScKM) Program of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Why We Exist?

  • Can we call ourselves KM professionals?
  • How to become KM professionals?

KF Cheng, MSc KM graduate in 2012, raised the above questions and talked to fellow classmates.  A group of MScKM graduates/students that shared the same thoughts are connected.  The initial set-up team (IST) was formed on 8 Nov. 2012.

IST has the following members:

  • KF Cheng
  • Donald Chiu (Hong)
  • Maria Leung
  • Debbie Hui
  • David Xu
  • Anna Hui
  • Tommy Yim
  • Jenny Pang
  • Rady Tawfik
  • Mandy Liu

Through discussion forums, emails and meetings, views are exchanged and ideas are generated among IST members.  KMP2P is thus developed with the objectives to

  • Connect "like-minded" graduates/student
  • Develop KM practitioners and KM professionals through practices
  • Promote KM in Hong Kong

Who We Are?

The KMP2P is a non-profit community for the purpose of connecting together the MScKM graduates, students, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, for the purpose of promoting awareness and popularity of Knowledge Management (KM) in Hong Kong, providing consultant services to organizations in Hong Kong on a non-profit making basis, and at the same time providing opportunities of practice and exposure to the MScKM graduates and students.

Our MISSION is to cultivate sharing and collaboration through KM practices. 

We encourage interaction among members under an open and fair environment with no discrimination: sharing updated news in the area of KM, offering opportunities for KM practices, creating chances to meet with like-minded KM graduates and promoting KM in the society. Last but not least, we provide a platform to practice KM and groom for professionals.

The KMP2P community was initiated by KF Cheng during the annual MScKM graduate dinner in November 2012.  A soft announcement of the community was made on 26 January 2013 during the UNLECTURE event organized by Prof. Tsui in PolyU.  A Facebook Group was created the same day.

The KMP2P community is purely an initiative of the PolyU MScKM graduates, the university has no obligations nor responsibility in this community, even though they are closely related and very supportive.  It is not part of the PolyU MScKM course.  Participation in KMP2P is entirely optional for MScKM graduates and students

Early Stage of KMP2P

When KMP2P was started back in Nov 2012, a separate website based on google sites was used at&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.


We have organized activities like Members'Survey, Knowledge Cafe, Experience Sharing, AAR, ...etc. before the launch of this new website. &nbsp;Members can find these activitiy highlights and past meeting minutes, from Apr. 2013 onwards, by logging in your membership at the old KMP2P website. Thank You for your continuous support to KMP2P.

The Old Types of Membership


This is the types of membership from the old KMP2P website, which is not applicable any more.

The KMP2P Community is initially setup for PolyU MScKM graduates & students, but does not exclude the possibility of going public in the future.  Setting and strategy for membership will be reviewed from time to time according to the need and development of the community.

At this time, membership is free of charge, but we do not exclude the possibility of charging for a membership fees and/or entrance fees to cover the running and development costs in future.  Members are free and optional to sign up, and also free to withdraw.

Full Members

All Graduates of the PolyU/CyberU MSc/PgD in Knowledge Management are eligible and qualified to be a Full Member.  Online registration is necessary to become a Full Member.

Student Members

Students still studying in the PolyU/CyberU MSc/PgD in Knowledge Management are eligible and qualified to be a Student Member.  Online registration is necessary to become a Student Member.  After graduation, Student Members can apply to become Full Members.

Other Types of Membership

It is possible for the community to go public in the future, for the purpose of promoting KM.  It can be anticipated that more membership types will be available.  Membership will be reviewed from time to time.

Membership Fee

KMP2P is a non-profit and non-commercial community.  Membership fee might be applicable in the future in order to support the running costs and development costs of the Community.  At this time, it is free of charge.  When it comes, members will still have the options of whether to continue or withdraw their membership.

The Old Rules & Regulations


This is the rules & regulations from the old KMP2P website, which is not applicable any more:

Same as in all other organizations or societies, all members of all different categories are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the KMP2P Community.  

Members are eligible to join the activities organised by KMP2P, share and respond at members’ area, and submit articles for publication at the KMP2P website.  Members’ sharing and interaction need to meet KMP2P’s requirement set for members, e.g. in code of conduct, data privacy, etc. If you are a ordinary member, non-KM-professional and you need help, please post your questions in the website and use it to resolve your questions.  If, you need further in-depth KM consultation, then KM consultants will be recommended to you. This community is not a feeding trough for companies looking for business... It's a garden to plant seeds in! Be a blessing...


As long as the rules are followed, then get ready to meet tons of KM Lovers who are dedicated to Knowledge Management, Business and Success. 

Please follow us so that we can provide a lot more resources to you besides this one group.

Offence in Rules & Regulations can be liable to different results as determined on a joint decision by appropriate authorities in the KMP2P Committee.

The Old Codes of Conduct


This is the old KMP2P version of Code of Conduct, which is not applicable any more.

KMP2P is aimed to provide a platform to develop members to become KM Practitioners and KM Professionals. It provides members a channel to connect, share, learn and co-create. To help members focus on the topics discussed and respect for each other, the Code of Conduct is set to ensure the users are having a good experience when operating at the KMP2P website.

By using this website, you argee to follow the rules listed below:


You will give response or post materials that align with the mission, values, and rules and regulations of KMP2P. You will quote reference or acknowledge copyrights of the materials used. You will support the development of KMP2P in a positive manner. You will provide us your valid contact information that can be reached by KMP2P at times whenever needed.


You will not post ideas, publish materials that infringe the copyrights of the others. You will not provide materials with offensive content, rude languages or indecent images. You will not submit materials that will abuse or threaten others. You will not use this website to sell or promote your products or services. You will not use this website to advocate illegal activities. You will not use this website to carry out deeds that are not related to KMP2P objectives.

The Web Administrator has the right to immediately delete any posts or material that are found inappropriately published on this website. Any user who violates the rule under this Code of Conduct, the user will be warned by written communication. If the misconduct occurred again, your KMP2P membership will be suspended without notice.

If you have any question on the use of KMP2P website, please email to the Web Administrator


~ Thank You ~

The Old Registration Requirement


This is the registration requirement from the old KMP2P website, which is not applicable any more:

Registration Requirement & Membership Fees

Interested and qualified parties are welcomed to register as member.  Types of memberships & eligibility are displayed on this page.  Online registration is necessary.  Registered members will have access to protected members areas of this website.  After registration, your name and email address will be listed in the website.

Registration is free of charge right now.  However, we cannot exclude the possibility of charging for membership fees and/or entrance fees in the future.  By then, registered members can still decide whether to continue or to withdraw.


KMP2P is a Community operated by MScKM graduates & students.  It is not part of the PolyU MScKM course.  Participation is entirely optional.

The Old Data Privacy Statement


This is the Data Privacy Statement from the old KMP2P website, which is not applicable any more:

KMP2P will try the best to ensure compliance by all members to the requirement of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the regulations of HKSAR. Members should comply with the principles in disclosing and processing the personal data, who are recommended to read the following statement.

Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal data collected in the website is mainly for daily operations of the services provided to users, such as networking, promotional, marketing and communication purpose. If KMP2P requires the user of your personal data for the purpose other than what mentioned above, we will ask your agreement.

Collection of Personal Data

KMP2P will collect the personal data as follows: members’ name, password of logging into the website, email address, contact number, articles, blog post, photos, years of studying MSc KM by PolyU.

Disclosure or Transfer of Data

KMP2P will disclose or transfer the personal data of users for the parties which are authorized by KMP2P.

Subscription of Newsletter/Promotional Materials/Marketing Materials

KMP2P may send users’ newsletter and other marketing material, which includes courses or workshops and special networking events.

Access to or Request for Correction of Data

Any User can request access to or make amendments to his/her own personal data by contacting to the practice group members via

Links to Other Websites

The site may provide links to other websites which are not owned or controlled by KMP2P. The privacy statement will not applicable to websites other than KMP2P.

Retention of Personal Data

When KMP2P obtained user’s personal data, it will be maintained securely in KMP2P’s system for the period. KMP2P may retain users’ personal data even after users has closed the account when necessary.

Changes in this Data Privacy Statement

KMP2P reserves the right to update, revise, modify or amend this Privacy Statement at any time as KMP2P deems necessary, so Users are strongly recommended to review this Privacy Statement frequently.


Should you have any enquiries relating to this Privacy Statement, please email to

Some Old Websites


2012 Graduation Dinner with lots of photo

  • The idea of KMP2P was initiated by KF Cheng, the founder, at the end of this dinner, and was very well received and agreed.  Right after that, an initial setup team was established
    • This site was protected.  As it is a website for the 2012 graduation dinner, only participants will have login access using their Google account.

A site for the Organizing Coimmittee managed for the coordination of the 2012 Graduation Dinner

  • This site is protected, and was setup primiarily for the coordination between the committee.  Only those involved will have login access using their Google account.
Starting of KMP2P