Our Vision


Through the Practice of Knowledge Management, we nurture growth, development and transformation of individuals and organizations through experimenting and experiencing


We recognise knowledge and learning are important, both for the individual and for the organization.  However, if there is no actions beyond that, what has been learnt?  What really matters are the changes after learning which brings transformation. We see learning as a journey.  Therefore in KMP we emphasize not only on learning, but equally important, if not more so, on Experience, and that's how we practice Knowledge Management.  We believe experiential learning is what makes us different.

We think knowledge management is the way to go for capacity building for individuals and for organizations, and that brings sustainability and transformation.  It is actually nothing new.  It is something we have been practising already.  In our increasingly complicated, ever-changing environment, knowledge management and practice is what will bring us the future, and is an important part of any development strategy.  Transformation is a result of change, a real change, which is also the foundation of innovation.

A Knowledge Management Practitioner is a catalyst and a leader of change.  As a leader it requires,

  • confidence; and practice helps to build confidence.  
  • faith, which comes from belief, and knowledge is our belief.
  • actions, which set as examples, and makes us become true leaders.
  • fairness, ethical behaviour and integrity, which form the foundation of trust.
  • recognitions and admiration of others, which brings the team, and the followers.
  • visionaries, which is what knowledge management brings us.

As KM practitioners in KMP, we see the value of knowledge and practice.  We help each other to succeed.  We lead the change.

Our Mission

  • To promote practice of Knowledge Management in Hong Kong
  • To become the first landing search of Knowledge Management service in Hong Kong
  • To support organizations in Hong Kong with knowledge management and innovation
  • To develop products and services which are actionable, make sense, and can be applied in real business environments
  • To promote cooperation at personal, social and business levels, and nurture the best of knowledge and experience

Our Core Values

  • We believe that "Knowledge" and "Innovation" will bring us future
  • We believe that learning is a journey, and only with practice is what will really bring results
  • We believe that change is transformation which brings sustainability
  • We believe that ethics and integrity is the foundation of trust
  • We believe that as a KM practitioner, we take actions and we lead the change
  • We believe in
    • sharing, collaboration and helping each other
    • protection of proprietary information
    • respect of personal confidentiality and interests
    • protection of personal and business opportunities under a fair and legitimate environment.
    • we are the ones to take actions and precautions to maintain such a trust-worthy environment within, and outside of KMP