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Tokenized securities on blockchain are here. And they’ve been around for a while.
by , 2021-02-01



Blockchain mass adoption isn’t a bandwagon, it’s the sailing ship
by , 2020-12-27


Hi there!
by , 2019-05-20

Time flies! It's 4 years after my graduation from MScKM.  I have be hanging around with KMP2P and now KMP ever since my graduation. Now it's time to reach out our network to the current students in MScKM. Becuase I am, and we are, FANS for MScKM!! Cheers! And have fun!  William

How Google Works: 50 ideas
by , 2018-10-16

An excellent article which outlines the smart management in today's environment

趙越教授講座:面對生死的智慧 2017(一)
by , 2018-03-28

A very nice talk in 2017 by 趙越教授 on the topic Wisdom in front of Life and Death 對生死的智慧

KMP Review - Suggestions and Actions
by , 2017-11-30

A group of student from the ISE5605 course has made a review on KMP, and this is the report they have made.

Dealing with the Dynamic, Uncertain and Complex World
by , 2017-11-16


Info. Lit. with Dr. Bonnie Cheuk
by , 2017-10-25

Last Monday (23rd October), Dr.

How Action Learning Addresses Various Organizational Issues with Long-term Impacts
by , 2017-09-14


Latest event review: Introduction
by , 2017-09-07

Review about Action Learning and how it can cause a paradigm shift in an organization - a very well received event.

What is Action Learning
by , 2017-09-05

A video explaining what Action Learning (AL) is by Dr. Michael Marquardt, the father of Action Learning. In this video, Dr. Michael Marquardt explains what AL is, its nature, and the benefits.

Reg Revans Talking about Action Learning
by , 2017-09-05

A video by Reg Revans, the grandfather of Action Learning, talking about Action Learning

HK KMS Conference 2017
by , 2017-09-04

This year's Knowledge Management Society Conference was focussed on the impact of Artifical Intelligence on knowledge management.

Simon Sinek on leadership qualities
by , 2017-08-27

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why did a talk at New Look, talking about 5 rules to find your spark. All of it is very good, but rules 4 struck me as relevant to AL

About Hacking & Securities
by , 2017-05-28

I came across a nice but yet stll simple explanation about hacking & security, which can be recommended to business people as an update or for awareness.  It helps clear some mis-understandings.

Home Lab - a PKM for Some People
by , 2017-05-28

An interesting video on YouTube titled "Virtualization Home Lab Guide", which makes me think about my PKM.

How to learn . . . from failure
by , 2017-05-26

That we learn through failure is, of course, well known.

KM in Action - by KF in 8 min
by , 2017-05-20

Jointly organized by the KMIRC and KMP, the event "KM in Action - the Reality" was successfully held on 20 May 2017 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

End of the single career?
by , 2017-05-18 recent gapingvoid comic reminded me that the days of a linear career or even a job-for-life are long gone. People nowadays are changing their jobs to progress, rather than, say, waiting to be promoted within an organisation. Many are even eschewing a career path altogether and becoming entrepreneurs and independents, or holding multiple careers. So how can we gain an advantage in this complex game?


The Learning of Dynamics behind Action Learning
by , 2017-04-30

In a recent Action Learning training session where I was involved, we worked as a team

Changing Minds
by , 2017-04-21

Agreement  - Dec '99

About Tacit Knowledge, by Nancy Dixon
by , 2017-04-21

Nancy Dixon talks about effective ways to share tacit knowledge.  Specifically, she also described an interesting model of what tacit knowledge is.  It is difficult to summarize here.  Perhaps the most effective way to understand is to watch her video below:

See-Do-Teach: Knowledge Transfer, by Nancy Dixon
by , 2017-04-20

Nancy Dixon describes this See-Do-Teach process as a process of learning which proved to be very effective especially for tcit knowledge.  It is a 3 part series of engagements between an Expert and a Learner.  The process is based on the work of Argyris, Schon, and Kolb.

Facilitation is necessary for CoP
by , 2017-04-19

Here is a YouTube video by Nancy Dixon about Community of Practice (CoP).  She said, communities cannot run by it's own.  It needs to be taken care of.  The facilitator will make the community safe and comfortable for knowledge to flow.

What is Action Learning - from the perspective of a KM Professional
by , 2017-04-18

Reg Revans was the father of Action Learning, a process that help people to learn from each others, and solve problems.  This originated from his experience while he was in his doctoral degree study in Cambridge.

What is Action Learning - from the perspective of a KM Professional
by , 2017-04-18


Don't Send a Boy to Do a Man's Work
by , 2017-03-10

Read an article today, and wish to share it again here.  It talks about Learning Lag.  It is quite true for this kind of issues in business.  This probably is an area where knowledge management can be well applied, isn't it?

Knowledge and the Backfire Effect
by , 2017-02-03

The Backfire Effect from YANSS 093One of my favourite podcasts, You are Not so Smart came up with the goods again! David is two thirds (part 1 and part 2) of the way through a series on "The Backfire Effect" - how trying to convince someone to change their mind can actually reinforce their beliefs. An incredibly informative and needed lesson we all should know about and heed, especially since we are living in a "post-truth" society. But what pricked my ears was the idea of knowledge (or what they called information in the podcast) and mental models.

by , 2017-01-29

The Oxford Dictionaries has named "post-truth" as its 2016 Intern

Learning from learning - benefits of KM
by , 2017-01-25

Over the Christmas holidays I rediscovered the Rubic's Cube. Back when they first came out (yes, I'm showing my age), I was able to solve one layer by working it out, but that was all. Back in those days, the internet was called books and you had to buy one in order find out how to solve the whole cube. I didn't get the book and so I never managed to solve the cube until recently. I found this website, at the beginning of which was the "warning" above. Using the instructions, I was able to finally work out how to solve a Rubic's Cube!