An appreciation of Appreciative Inquiry

fish.jpgLast Saturday afternoon KMP hosted an event on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) with Dorothy Tsui as our guest speaker. We started with an "interview" of someone we did not know to discover their best KM moments. It was a wonderful reminder (especially for me) to listen to others without a) formulating my response, and b) try to solve the problem. Co-creation begins with a shared mental model and that can best be developed by listening to one another. Ideas can then be developed with others rather than for others.

The goal is to use "strength based AI rather than deficit based problem solving". Rather than looking at what is wrong and fix it, we should look beyond that at where we want to be, and develop strategies to achieve that higher goal. It reminds me of Agyris' double loop learning in the sense that we look beyond the immediate and see the bigger picture. This is so important these days as politicians and pundits use scare tactics and fear mongering to drive us into their way of thinking. AI is an important tool that we can use not only to listen and judge those voices in the public sphere, but also to work with others (including those we don't agree with) to develop lating and meaningful solutions.