Blogging - No Ledge

The first blog I created I called "No Ledge" (geddit, know - ledge). It was an internal company blog to promote KM and share some of the things I was working on. It was called "No Ledge" since I had been contemplating (read hesitating) to start blogging but didn't quite know what to write about. I read a numbers of blogs and newsfeeds, so I know what a blog should "look like", but I was not ready to take the leap and blog myself.

Finally, I thought rather than stand on the edge and look into the depth, I would jump straight in, there would be no ledge for me stand on. And so it was, my first blog post . . . with the included image. I have stood on that rooftop many times and looked down. Funny, it looks a lot higher from up there than it does from down on ground level where I took the picture. Blogging is similar, thinking about starting one looks a lot more daunting, but once you're in it's not so bad!

KM projects are pretty similar. Before you begin, when you look at what you are trying to achieve, it looks impossible. But once you "jump", you realise, step by step, it is achievable. Know what you want to achieve and take it one step at a time. Be sure to communicate what you are doing and occassionally look back up and celebrate how far you have come!