End of the single career?

https://www.gapingvoid.com/blog/2017/05/08/navigation-systems-ready/This recent gapingvoid comic reminded me that the days of a linear career or even a job-for-life are long gone. People nowadays are changing their jobs to progress, rather than, say, waiting to be promoted within an organisation. Many are even eschewing a career path altogether and becoming entrepreneurs and independents, or holding multiple careers. So how can we gain an advantage in this complex game?


This BBC Radio 4 broadcast on iPlayer called "Is one career enough?" gives some ideas as to where things are heading - multiple disciplines. Starting a second career path by studying another subject and developing a parallel career, or even a portfolio of careers. We need to become "multi-potential-ites" as Emilie Wapnick calls it! The intersect between the two disciplines will give a unique advantage - innovation comes from the mixing of the knowledge of different areas. If that can occur in one "head" rather than two heads, it will be more efficient and give advantages to the owner of that "head"! As KM practitioners, we already have the framework for dealing with and leveraging the benefits of mutliple knowledge domains.