Info. Lit. with Dr. Bonnie Cheuk

Last Monday (23rd October), Dr. Bonnie Cheuk gave a seminar on Information Literacy (Who Cares about Information Literacy in the Workplace). Bonnie has a wonderful way of converting theory into very practical steps. There was a lot of advice that is applicable to implementing a KM project as well. Information literacy, like knowledge management suffers from ill-definition. Management think they know what it means, but really don't. Great to have, but no clue what to implement. Bonnie was able to summarise it into a set of  building block that can be used for implementation. 

One key point that Bonnie made that also applies to KM is not to use KM language where it is not understood. When talking to business leaders, talk business language and frame KM as a business benefit to be built into the business stategy, when talking to HR talk HR language, etc.

These two slides summarise the way IL/KM systems needs to be embedded into the organisation: