KMP Review - Suggestions and Actions


This is the report from the KMP Review which summaries the ISE 5605 student report, KMP response and subsequent discussion outcomes:

1.    Suggestions from the ISE5605 team
1.1.    Member experience
1.1.1.    Improve e-mail communication to new members
1.1.2.    Make event e-mails more attractive
1.1.3.    Send out feedback on events (more than just photos)
1.1.4.    Website experience needs to be improved
1.2.    Member Engagement
1.2.1.    Regular newsletter
1.2.2.    Back channel communications
1.2.3.    All gatherings should have an agenda
1.2.4.    Clear attractive communications on events
1.2.5.    Utilized web page to promote and follow up events with member. (e.g. feedback wall)
1.2.6.    Webpage needs to be more streamlined (better layout)
1.3.    Facilitation
1.3.1.    Cultivate MSc members as core group
1.3.2.    Review types of membership and renewal
1.4.    New works
1.4.1.    Project, training and events launch
1.4.2.    Frequent content posting, e.g. article, blogs,    journals, conference report
1.4.3.    Improve the CoP culture

  • be active in facilitation and engagement
  • provide sense of belongings to members
  • provide awards to outstanding members if possible
  • provide nomination chance to outstanding   members  

1.4.4.    If budget allow, consider to develop a mobile apps

2.    KMP response suggestions
2.1.    Send out questionnaire to all members to discover what they want
2.2.    Recruit current member to help out
2.3.    Action Learning session

3.    Suggestion generated from the discussion
3.1.    Registration as society
3.1.1.    Queenie has experience doing registration and can help
3.1.2.    Government has some resources for societies – experts, etc.
3.1.3.    Government is currently promoting KM – synergy?
3.2.    Website
3.2.1.    Website experience is too complicated, takes to many click
3.2.2.    Events have too many tabs; is over organised
3.2.3.    Post summary and feedback on events
3.2.4.    Expand social media channels such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp    WhatsApp for companies on the horizon    Ask permission from members to create a broadcast WhatsApp group
3.3.    Events
3.3.1.    Focus on events, leave website participation for later
3.3.2.    Have practical KM topics    Using KM in day-to-day work    Experience sharing    PKM    KM solutions
3.3.3.      Venue options – perhaps can use member’s office after hours
3.4.    Privacy issues
3.4.1.        Do we have a PICS (Personal Information Collection Statement)?
3.5.    Evaluation form
3.5.1.    A project KMP can achieve as a group (similar to the readiness model)
3.5.2.    Can be used by SMEs to find out what they need
3.5.3.    Similar to a knowledge audit
3.5.4.    Could be used in conjunction with HKPC
3.6.    Other items
3.6.1.    Graduation dinner - November 9th : use to promote KMP
3.6.2.    Invite experts to PEC meeting as necessary

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