Latest event review: Introduction

Latest event review: Introduction to Action Learning (AL) – Developing People and Creating Results Simultaneously 



Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00

Speakers & Panelists: 

Ms. TSUI Pui Yin Dorothy, SALC, CPLP®

Mr. CHAN Lap Kee Linus


Andreas Sher

Don Chan

Event page :


The event was well received on 2 Sep 2017 with around 20 attendees. A short introduction on what is AL was given by Linus, followed by hands on practice on Action Learning facilitated by Dorothy. After a short break, the last section was a discussion panel with Q&A.

In order to make this blog short, I am not going repeat the presentation given by Linus, obviously I could not do a better job. For those who missed the event, please visit for more information. I love the practicing AL section, a Problem Presenter (PP) expressed a problem and the group tried to guide the PP to solve the problem by himself. To me, the most important process is to clarify the issue, the real problem. I found this very similar to my favor quote from Steve Jobs “It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want”. 

Participates was amazed by the benefit of AL but at the same time, challenged the difficulties to practice AL at work. After all, as answered by Dorothy during the Q&A section, AL will cause a paradigm shift in an organization which embraces autonomy and maximize the action space of a team – a much better way of collaboration which really worth to try.  

Last but not least, AL could be a realistic practice in KMP, where “P” stands for “practitioners” and all we wanted is action, learn by doing, and solve the real world problem. I should discuss about the free coding university ‘42’ more in the ExCo, this could be our future business model.


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