Purposes for Different Content Types

When more content types are made available on the KMP platform, things becomes more complicated, and ambiguities arise.  What are the differences between news, articles, blogs and others?  Actually this is also a KM question.  What KM tools to use, when, and why?  Technically, all these content types are very similar.  All of them allows text and images to be entered and arranged in a page format.  A discussion was made in the PEC meeting of 2016-06-04, and following are what we suggest to the KMP members:

  • Blogs are typically written by individuals very often in an informal or conversational style.  It represents more of a personal opinion and therefore more casual and informal.  Content can be more of a personal perspective, and therefore very often written in the first person setting.
  • Articles are normally more formal, factual, and normally more professionally toned, and can very often being quoted as reference.  Articles are normally perceived as being more serious and more objective, and therefore very often written in the third person setting.  It is not uncommon that articles are longer than blogs.
  • News are typically pieces of noteworthy information which are very often time sensitive, and will expire after a period of time.  It is often used for announcements, notices, for information only, or passing on of information, etc.
  • Book Page are also available on the KMP platform which put together information or knowledge of values for reference, training, learning, or for rules, etc.  Books content are classified into chapters and sub-chapters in a hierarchical manner, and re-arrangement is easy.  Table of content can be generated automatically.  On the KMP platform, individual news, blogs and articles can be included easily into a book.  Books are very useful tools for the purpose of building up knowledge base for different purposes.

Looking forward, restrictions of creating and publishing different content types will apply according to the membership level for the purpose of maintaining the right quality, level of professionalism and reputation on the KMP platform.

by KF Cheng, 5 Jun 2016