What is Action Learning - from the perspective of a KM Professional

Reg Revans was the father of Action Learning, a process that help people to learn from each others, and solve problems.  This originated from his experience while he was in his doctoral degree study in Cambridge.  He was particularly interested in the idea of humility that if people will learn, they have to be humble.  He brought together managers to help them learn from each other, and he devised a process to do that, which he called Action Learning.  This process became very famous, and it spread throughout England and much of Europe.  He became famous because of this.

His idea was that people can learn and solve problems without the need of an expert.  At that time, this idea was not very much welcomed by other Professors, because if managers can't solve their problems, how bringing them together, just adding ignorance together will solve their problems.

Nancy Dixon is one of the KM professional that we know.  She was a consultant for Huawei, and comes to China once in a while.  She recorded a video on YouTube talking about Action Learning, and how it is related to knowledge management.  In Nancy's mind, training is not doing all the learning we need in organizations.  She liked this idea that Reg Revans had and she went and studied with him for 3 years, learned all the stories and how he did action learning.  In Nancy's experience, she saw how people learned from each other, how peers can connect when they really learned, which were exactly right for knowledge management.

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