Experience Sharing on Implementing KM in the Workplace


2013-11-23 10:15 to 12:15


Committee Room South, 7/F High Block, City Hall, Central. HK

We have learnt many theories on how KM helps our business and how networking can help knowledge transfer within the organization. What we lack is the concrete experience in planning and implementing these concepts into practice. Here comes a valuable opportunity for you to fill this gap. 

KMP2P has the pleasure to have our guest speaker Ms. Angela Ang to share her firsthand experience on implementing KM at the workplace. Angela works as a Professional Support Lawyer and studies MScKM currently. You will get new insights, build confidence and gain practical tips by participating this meaningful sharing activity.

Event: Networking & Experience Sharing on Implementing KM in the Workplace


Part 1 Members' networking - Getting to know you

Part 2 Experience Sharing by Angela Ang

Date: 23 Nov 2013 (Sat)

Time: 10:00 - 12:15pm (9:30 – registration starts, 10:00 - event kick-off)

Venue: Committee Room South, 7/F High Block, City Hall, Central. HK

Language medium: English, Cantonese

Fee: $50 per person

To help our speaker better prepare for the sharing session, please provide us your personal information in the application form: 1) your work industry; 2) your current work position; 3) any question to the speaker re implementing KM at work. 


1.     Please register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1U4eftUmxlxVmxAEytupNsm9hyPXiEX5zkN2VVoG7bnc/viewform

2.     Please deposit $50 to HSBC Account 086-091865-001 Leung Man Yu Maria

3.     Please attach a picture of your payment slip and send to Polyu.MscKM@gmail.com with the subject : Your Name – Payment for Experience Sharing 20131123  

*Please note there is no refund policy for this event and your registration is not final until your payment is received. The organizer reserves the right to cancel any registration if payment is not received in a timely manner.

**For MScKM students and graduates who are non-members and would like to enroll for the activity, please register your membership first (i.e. click “registration” on the homepage of www.kmp2p.hk.)

Lunch Gathering (Optional)

There will be a lunch gathering (optional) after the activity.  Participants will pay your own cost.  Arrangement will be provided on the spot.

Enrolment deadline: 16 Nov. 2013


Should you need other event information, please contact Don Chan at 9323-7652