KM Careers & Challenges - Dialogue with the Practitioners


2016-05-07 14:00 to 18:00


Rm Z212, HK Polytechnic University, Hunghom

Organized by KMP2P, led by a KM alumni group, and supported by KMIRC, this inaugural event aims to explore post-graduation opportunities and challenges of KM practice in Hong Kong.

At the event, MSc KM alumn with at least 2-3 years practice experience will share their insights, applications and perspective of KM in a business context.  There will also be a discussion forum followed by a knowledge cafe where participants can have direct and open dialog with the speakers.

We shall try to address questions such as:

  1. Can KM be a profession?  How KM deliver values and how it is recognized in business?
  2. What kind of challenges do KMers face and what are the tactics they use to solve these issues?
  3. What are the necessary skills or knowledge KMers needs apart from the MSc KM course?
  4. How does KMers maximize their opportunities and achievements in their careers?

To tackle these questions, we try to explore from different perspectives, such as:

  • Practitioners with a formal KM title to share their insights in exercising KM in organizations;
  • Practitioners without KM title but applying KM in their jobs to share their KM journeys;
  • Senior HRs to share their perspectives in talent acquisition and human capital development in relation to KM practitioners;
  • Business owners or top seniors to share their views of needs and opportunities of KM practitioners or applications in their overall business strategy;
  • HRs to share their perspectives of KM job opportunities and recommendations for KM graduates during job interviews;
  • and role of technology in KM practice and challenges in IT, etc.

This is a great opportunity for students, fresh graduates and those interested to connect and share their insights, and build professional relationship with the MSc KM alumni.



Thanks to the KMIRC, the ISE department, MILESAA, all the speakers and helpers, and of course all the participants.  The event was successfully held on 7 May 2016 in the PolyU, with a total of around 55 people.  We took the opportunity to make an announcement of the change of KMP2P to become KMP, a big step to open up ourselves as an association.

Taking the opportunity of this event, we also have made an announcement of KMP

The follow presentation was made for this announcement:



13:30 - 14:00 Onsite Registration
13:45 - 14:00 Networking & Photo Taking
14:00 - 14:15  

Addressing Note by KMIRC, MILESAA & KMP2P

14:15 - 15:15 Discussion Panel #1:  KM as a profession and the "missing" Skills & Knowledge

Modulator:  KF Cheng

Speakers:  Angela Ang, Andreas Sher, Raymond Ng, Justin Tse
15:15 - 16:15 Discussion Panel #2:  KM Career Opportunities and Bridging the Gap with Real Business

Modulator:  Andreas Sher

Speakers:  Jenny Pang, Donna Tse, Maria Leung, Don Chan, Ken Tam
16:15 - 16:30 Break & Preparation for Knowledge Cafe
16:30 - 17:30 Knowledge Cafe Rounds - Facilitated small group discussions between the participants and the speakers
17:30 - 17:55 Knowledge Cafe Reflection Circle - Facilitated personal reflections shared with the particpiants and speakers
17:55 - 18:00 Quick Round Up & Follow-Up Opportunities for Participants
19:00 Optional Cost-shared Dinner.  All welcomed.  Inform Ms. Autumn Lin to join on the spot.

Restaurant:  Hung Tao Chinese Restaurant in Tsimshatsui East 尖沙咀-鴻桃酒家

Address:  尖沙咀加連威老道94號尖東廣場明輝中心2樓201號舖


Andreas Sher

Andreas’ career started in the Quality Management field in the engineering industry. Having worked for two major Design Consultancies and the Airport Authority as Quality Manager, his skill set covered not only quality auditing and management but also included managing intranets, physical libraries, asset management and managing innovation projects.

After completing the KM Master’s programme is 2010, Andreas joined the MTR Project Division’s Innovation and Knowledge Management team as the manager for innovation (EII – Innovation). This position encompassed more than just developing and monitoring innovation projects, it included managing the intranet both in terms of creation and curation of content as well as system administration, assisting the many communities of practice develop and carry out programmes of activities, liasing with other knowledge management specialists in the organization, carrying out innovation and after action review workshops and publicizing innovation within the organisation through publications and events. 

This was followed by the position of Knowledge Management Director at Pico Global Services, the corporate arm of the Pico group. As a director level position this mean developing an overall KM strategy and liaise with the heads of the various offices around the world to introduce and develop KM practices. There were also practical tasks of monitoring and administering the intranet, maintaining the global staff list, and developing a Design Library system to capture the knowledge of past projects for inspiration and reuse.

With this wealth of experience, he is now working as a freelance consultant, and is perfecting his elevator speech on what the term knowledge really means.

Angela Ang

Angela graduated in 2013 from MSc KM with distinction.  She is a Professional Support Lawyer in Baker & McKenzie, and she is a passionate supporter of KM.

Angela delivered a talk in KMP2P about her experience of KM in law firm back in November 2013.  She is very busy but she is very supportive to our this program.

Law firms are extremely busy.  We can imagine there would be a lot of papers around in her office, yet I am sure most of it are confidential, and each single words can be a significance in their works.  Executing knowledge management in a law firm could be something really different, and would have a lot of unforeseeable difficulties.  We hope she can share with us how she practice KM in such an environment, and how she overcome all the difficulties.

Donna Tse

Donna Tse Long Wai completed her first master degree in Corporate Administration in Middlesex University in 2007 and her second master degree in Knowledge Management in Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012. 

Donna took 18 years working as the assistant to chairman in a family run organization in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.  On top of her assistant part, she is also the head of administration department and logistic department. 

Polished by her daily routine, Donna got used to create, be conscious of and fully utilize each and every work process in support business units across the enterprise to increase revenue.  Taking the knowledge management perspective to interpret, her role is to accumulate, understand and leverage knowledge about the business activity on behalf of the organization, its clients, its employees and partners to enhance learning. 

Thereupon, Donna aim to mingle her familiarity in business operation and her consciousness in knowledge works while fabricating high impact role model that will escalate knowledge management awareness among colleagues and in the organization.

In addition to functioning, Donna enjoys playing music and reading mystery fiction as a hobby.  She is now working on her first folk song concert.  You can reach her at

Don Chan

Don graduated in 2011 from MSc KM, and is currently the Staff Development Officer in HAECO.  He was involved in talent management, and starting last year he was changed to organization development.  He worked on talent management, development plan for individuals, organization culture, and knowledge management & tools for knowledge transfer, etc.  Before that, he was the Senior Training Officer in IKEA.

From our observation, we also see from his career history that he made quite a good achievement.  We hope we can find out more from him about his KM journey in his career, and equally important how KM helped growing his own career too.

Jenny Pang

Jenny had 20 years of experience in Human Resources across different industries and covering AP region since 2007.  Currently she is working as HR business partner, working with Business Leaders to attract, develop and retain talents in the region.

Jenny was a MSc KM graduate in 2009, and she established the K4Fun community during that time, which was very well received by other KM graduates and students.  It was probably the first community by graduates from the MSc KM degree.

We hope Jenny can bring us her insights about KM from the perspectives of really top management, business leaders or investors, and how KM graduates could become part of the picture in the overall business strategy, and what we need to be equipped to deliver our values.

Ken Tam

Ken Tam is a knowledge management and training professional with IT, business management and accounting background. Ken holds a master degree in knowledge management, and he is also a certified NLP Practitioner and DISC trainer.

Ken has over 18 years of solid experience in leading knowledge management projects such as implementing EDMS system, building knowledge portal, designing IVRS infrastructure, e-Learning system and hosting knowledge sharing activities in various industries such as educational institutes, telecommunication, manufacturing, financial institute and construction company.

Ken is currently the Training & Development Manager of a construction materials company that oversees the training operations and leads the management trainee program of Hong Kong and the Great China.

Maria Leung

Maria is a people development specialist who has been involved in the areas of training, career development and leadership development.  She is now working as a Coach at Wiselink Training to provide consultancy service to clients who encounter difficulties in staff development.

Maria graduated in MSc KM in 2012.  She is one of the founders and key leaders of KMP2P, a seasoned KM practitioner.  To help the Office of Government Chief Information Officer and the Equal Opportunities Commission to promote public awareness on web accessibility, Maria has joined the Web Accessibility Campaign to make the website accessible by physically disabled people.  Her company website has received the Gold Award for the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme from 2014 to 2016.

She always pursues for opportunities to learn, un-learn, re-learn and apply what she learn.  Other than taking Massive Open Online Courses, she has been engaged in an educational KM project to introduce KM to teachers in Hong Kong.  She will be able to share with us her experience in career development, and her KM journey in the education sector.

Justin Tse

Mr. Justin Tse obtained his MSc degree in Knowledge Management (Distinction) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2008. He served as the Knowledge Management Officer in the Hong Kong Police Force between 2008 and 2011 and obtained Commanding Officer’s Commendations for a very high order displayed in the development of knowledge management in the Force.

He joined the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) as Quality Management Manager in 2011 and led the KM project in the past 5 years. HKRC was granted the Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award 2014 and has been selected as one of the three top winners. Currently he is the Chairman of the KM Working Group. He was also invited by various organizations to share his unique KM experience, including government departments, professional associations, tertiary education institutions, schools, NGOs and private organizations.

Mr. Tse has obtained various professional qualifications, such as Certified Knowledge Manager, Project Management Professional, Accredited Mediator, Global Career Development Facilitator, Certified Big Data Science Professional and ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management.

Raymond Ng

Raymond Ng is a practitioner in knowledge management with specializations in both enterprise content management and cultivation of enterprise collaboration. He has more than ten years working experience in the fields of knowledge management and information technology. Over the years, by encouraging and implementing the use of relevant practices and technologies, he has demonstrated the importance of knowledge management and brought positive changes to different organizations and firms. He has led regional projects in implementing content management systems, knowledge bases and social media applications. In academic side, he has a bachelor degree in applied computing and a master degree in knowledge management. In social corporate responsibility side, he is an active participant in helping startups by advising knowledge management practices.


Bill Proudfit

Host for the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Session

Bill Proudfit graduated from MSc KM back in 2009.  He was former Knowledge Manager in HKND Group, Lecturer in the Hong Kong University in Library & Information Management program, and now working as a KM Consultant.

Bill delivered 2 events for us in KMP2P.  In July 2013, he organized a Gurteen Knowledge Cafe, which is a real knowledge cafe instead of those we had in classroom.  In December 2012, he delivered a very interesting talk in taxonomy to our members.

Bill is very knowledgeable in many different areas, and has good contributions inKMP2P as well as other areas in the society.

William Ng

William is currently working as a Technical Supervisor at Intertek.  Prior to that, he was the Assistant Technical Manager for SGS.

Graduated from MSc KM in 2012, William is one of the core member in KMP2P, with a lot of contributions.  He works hard in applying what he learned in KM in his job, and is trying to establish a KM framework as a good suggestion and foundation for organizations in general.

Man Yan Chan

Man Yan graduated from MSc KM in 2012.  She is currently working as a programmer.  She has been actively participating in KMP2P, and becomes a core member.  Her pleasant and optimistic character brings a lot of positive memories to the team.

KF Cheng

KF is the founder of KMP2P, and some of other associations too.  Currently, KF is working as a consultant in the areas of KM and digital solutions.  He has a very mixed background, including engineering, service, sales & marketing, business development, senior management, software development, etc.  He did a lot of startups in his past career, which is probably the reason for starting up KMP2P too.

Recently, KF is working on open source platforms and integration with cloud solutions to provide viable and low-cost solutions to customers.  KF is building a new version of website for KMP2P which supports the activities and development in the future, and become KMP2P's KM portal.

In addition, KF is leading a change of KMP2P for an upgrade to KMP2P 3.0, for the purpose of opening up and face the real business settings.  This is going to be a challenge but this is going to bring more values to KM practitioners as well as the general public.



Organiser: Association of KM Practitioners

   Co-Organiser: Knowledge Management & Innovation Research Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Supporting Organizations: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society
Supporting Organizations: MilesAA - ISE Alumni Association
Supporting Organizations: The Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management