An Introduction to Action Learning


2017-09-02 14:00 to 17:00


"HK Polytechnic University, Hunghom, Room Y410"

Introduction to Action Learning

Developing People and Creating Results Simultaneously  

Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real issues, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization. It helps organizations develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to pressing issues.

Action Learning has emerged as a method of choice for global companies, government agencies, and non-profit groups that want to improve quality, cut costs, create new products and services, and change the cultures of their organizations. From Boston to Brazil, from Finland to Tokyo, companies as diverse as Microsoft, Samsung, Dow, GE, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, Sodexho, Novartis, Nokia and many others use Action Learning to solve complex problems, develop leaders, build teams and expand corporate capability.

In this session, we will share how organizations can apply Action Learning to develop their people and cultivate organizational learning. You will also have a chance to experience Action Learning Coaching.

Event Agenda

  • What is Action Learning, and What is NOT?
  • How Action Learning helps tackle real organizational issues and develop people simultaneously 
  • Don't tell me what you can do - SHOW ME! Demonstrate your competencies through applications and actions
  • Action Learning Coaching experience
  • Case studies – applying Action Learning to organizational learning and people development
  • What’s next – How to learn and practice Action Learning

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HungHom

Room Y410, Core Y, 4th Floor



Ms. TSUI Pui Yin Dorothy, SALC, CPLP®

  • Managing Director, World Institute for Action Learning (Hong Kong) (WIAL-HK)
  • Senior Action Learning Coach, World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL)
  • Board Member & Director of Certification, World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL)

Dorothy is a dedicated talent and organization development consultant and practitioner. Founding her consultancy firm, Elite People Consultancy Limited since 2006, she has served businesses across industries, NGOs, government agencies, educational and health care institutions in Greater China, South East Asia and the USA. Her vision is to facilitate flourishing growth in individuals, relationships, organizations, and communities by bringing out the best in people.

Founding the World Institute for Action Learning (Hong Kong), an official international affiliate of the WIAL, Dorothy leads Action Learning projects to support organizations to enhance business performance, create learning culture, develop leaders and high potentials, build strong teams, and plot strategic plans. She is a WIAL Senior Action Learning Coach and runs WIAL certification program to develop Action Learn Coaches. She is serving WIAL's Board as the Director of Certification.

Dorothy is the first Certified Learning and Performance Professional® (CPLP®) of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in Hong Kong and has supported CPLP® candidates in Asia to go through the certification process.

Mr. CHAN Lap Kee Linus

  • Associate Director, World Institute for Action Learning (Hong Kong) (WIAL-HK)
  • Certified Action Learning Coach, World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL)

Linus, a recent EMBA graduate from Henley Business School, has over 20 years of experiences in running different types of business – from manufacturing to service-oriented – in Hong Kong and the States. His track record has fully demonstrated his competencies as a strategic and systems thinker, and a coach for developing future leaders.

Linus is passionate about helping individuals and organizations fully develop their potentials, for his vision/mission is to help create a world in which each and every capable person has the opportunity to become his or her best. To realize his dreams, he finds Action Learning uniquely suitable for developing leaders, for the process/methodology will jolt people out of their habitual behaviors and entrenched thinking patterns; develop systems thinking; and enhance the creative problem-solving capacities of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Mr. Don Chan

  • Certified Action Learning Coach, World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL)
  • Head of Section - Talent Management and Organisation Development, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited

Don graduated in 2011 from MSc KM, and is currently the Head of Section - Talent Management and Organisation Development in HAECO.  He was accountable in designing the system framework to secure the talent pool and pipeline.  He was involved in Performance Management and Culture Enhancement Programme .  Before that, he was working in IKEA.