KM in Action - The Reality


2017-05-20 09:15 to 12:30


Rm BC404 Polytechnic University Hunghom

We are facing a world of VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - a world where change is ever greater, where the future is less predictable, where options increase exponentially, and the way people (including ourselves) react in a totally unpredictable manner.  We see how ever-changing technologies continue to change human behavior.  Does knowledge management (KM) still have a place in business?  How can KM practitioners suceed in this digital revolution age?

Jointly organized by the KMIRC and KMP, this event focuses on how KM practices are actioned in in real business organizations,  what values they bring, what the challenges are and how they can be overcome.

We hope this event will help KM students and graduates, KM practitioners, and people who are interested, to understand KM in action in the real world, as well as opportunities for the individuals in personal, career, and business development.  Experienced KM professionals from industry have been invited to share their real-life experiences in applying KM, and the challenges they are facing.  Experienced KM graduates have also been invited to share their post-graduation experience and views in a discussion panel, during which we will address the following questions:

  • Do we need deep pockets to do KM?
  • How to implement "zero-budget KM"? Is there such a thing?
  • If I cannot land a KM post, can I still apply what I have learnt in any job?
  • How should KM evolve in the age of digitization?
  • How can we apply KM in Education?

This is a great opportunity for the KM students as well as graduates to continue their learning and and understand how to pursue knowledge management in real life.  Take this opportunity and connect with the other KM graduates and KM practitioners.  This might become your key success factor in your KM journey.

Target Participants

  • KM graduates and students
  • KMP & KMIRC members, and members of co-organizers & supporting organizations
  • People who are interested to understand how KM can be practised at the organization and personal level

Last Year Event

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KM Careers & Challenges - Dialogue with the Practitioners

Photos from the event:



Date 20 May 2017 (Saturday)
Time 09:15 - 12:30
Venue Room BC404, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom
Language English


Detailed Rundown

09:00 - 09:15 Onsite registration & networking
09:15 - 09:30 Opening & addressing

09:30 - 10:00

Presentation:  KM Techniques Application to a Manufacturing Company of Enhancing Brand Image

Speaker:  Dr. Percy Chan, Quality & Global Supply Chain Director, GP Batteries International Ltd.

10:00 - 10:30

Presentation:  Storytelling: Career Journey from a KM graduate to practitioner - Challenges, Tactics and Lessons Learnt

Speaker:  Mr. Justin Tse, Manager (Planning and Service Development), Hong Kong Red Cross

10:30 - 10:45 Break

10:45 - 11:45

Panel Discussion:  Zero-Budget KM

Modulator: Mr. Andreas Sher, Member of Provisional Executive Committee, KMP

Panelists (total 5 MScKM graduates, some of them pending for confirmation)

  • Ms. Anna Hui, IT Manager, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Ms. Maggie To, IT Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
  • Mr. Raymond Ng, Knowledge Management Projects Officer, DLA Piper Hong Kong
  • Mr. Don Chan, Head of Section - Talent Management and Organisation Development, HAECO
  • Mr. Shamino Tse, Assistant Manager - Projects, Peak Pacific Group

11:45 - 12:15

Group activity - Organisational cultures and KM strategies

12:15 - 12:25 Activity Reporting
12:25 - 12:30 Closing Remarks




Dr. Percy Chan

Quality & Global Supply Chain Director, GP Batteries International Limited

Dr. Percy CW Chan, joined GP Batteries International Limited in 2007 and is currently Quality Director (and Acting Global Supply Chain Director of the company from March 2014 to March 2017). He has over 20 years' working experience in the field of quality assurance. He lead the company to achieve Hong Kong MAKE Awards on year 2013 and 2016. He is a fellow of Professional Business and Technical Management, UK; a senior member of American Society for Quality; a full member of Hong Kong Quality Management Association and a member of The Chartered Quality Institute, UK. He graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics and a Master's degree in Materials Technology. He also holds Master of Science degree in Quality Management and a Doctoral degree in Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.



Mr. Justin Tse

Manager (Planning and Service Development), Hong Kong Red Cross

Mr. Justin Tse obtained his MSc degree in Knowledge Management (Distinction) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2008. He served as the Knowledge Management Officer in the Hong Kong Police Force between 2008 and 2011 and obtained Commanding Officer’s Commendations for a very high order displayed in the development of knowledge management in the Force.

He joined the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) in 2011 and led the KM initiative in the past 6 years. HKRC was granted the Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award 2014 and has been selected as one of the three top winners. He was also invited by various organizations to share his unique KM experience, including government departments, professional associations, tertiary education institutions, schools, NGOs and private organizations.

Mr. Tse has obtained various professional qualifications, such as Certified Knowledge Manager, Project Management Professional, Accredited Mediator, Global Career Development Facilitator Trainer, Qualified Personality Dimensions Facilitator, Certified Big Data Science Professional and ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management.





Mr. Andreas Sher

Member of Provisional Executive Committee, KMP

Andreas’ career started in the Quality Management field in the engineering industry. Having worked for two major Design Consultancies and the Airport Authority as Quality Manager, his skill set covered not only quality auditing and management but also included managing intranets, physical libraries, asset management and managing innovation projects.

After completing the KM Master’s programme is 2010, Andreas joined the MTR Project Division’s Innovation and Knowledge Management team as the manager for innovation (EII – Innovation). This position encompassed more than just developing and monitoring innovation projects, it included managing the intranet both in terms of creation and curation of content as well as system administration, assisting the many communities of practice develop and carry out programmes of activities, liasing with other knowledge management specialists in the organization, carrying out innovation and after action review workshops and publicizing innovation within the organisation through publications and events. 

This was followed by the position of Knowledge Management Director at Pico Global Services, the corporate arm of the Pico group. As a director level position this mean developing an overall KM strategy and liaise with the heads of the various offices around the world to introduce and develop KM practices. There were also practical tasks of monitoring and administering the intranet, maintaining the global staff list, and developing a Design Library system to capture the knowledge of past projects for inspiration and reuse.

With this wealth of experience, he is now working as a freelance consultant, and is perfecting his elevator speech on what the term knowledge really means.

Panel Speakers

Ms. Anna Hui

IT Manager, The Education University of Hong Kong

Anna was the MScKM graduate of 2014.  Raised in HK and received tertiary education in Canada, Anna is one of the pioneer IT professional in HK.  In her career, she has worked in IT service provider, financial and communication industries before she anchored her footprint in education.  She is currently the IT Manager of The Education University of Hong Kong, the then Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Her interest in KM was triggered by a question ‘Can IT resolve business issue?’  By chance, she attended a KM seminar and learnt the KM programme of PolyU.  In 2009, she started her KM learning journey.  She enjoyed it very much and eventually graduated in 2014.

Anna will share how she applied KM in her IT practice.

Ms. Maggie To

IT Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Maggie graduated in 2012 from MSc KM, and is currently the IT Manager responsible for Business Intelligence and Integration Competency Centers in Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. She is involved in various generation of knowledge retention and knowledge sharing initiatives and implementation throughout the years of service in the company.

Mr. Raymond Ng

Knowledge Management Projects Officer, DLA Piper Hong Kong

Raymond Ng is a practitioner in knowledge management with specializations in both enterprise content management and cultivation of enterprise collaboration. He has more than ten years working experience in the fields of knowledge management and information technology. Over the years, by encouraging and implementing the use of relevant practices and technologies, he has demonstrated the importance of knowledge management and brought positive changes to different organizations and firms. He has led regional projects in implementing content management systems, knowledge bases and social media applications. In academic side, he has a bachelor degree in applied computing and a master degree in knowledge management. In social corporate responsibility side, he is an active participant in helping startups by advising knowledge management practices.

Mr. Don Chan

Head of Section - Talent Management and Organisation Development, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited

Don graduated in 2011 from MSc KM, and is currently the Head of Section - Talent Management and Organisation Development in HAECO.  He was accountable in designing the system framework to secure the talent pool and pipeline.  He was involved in Performance Management and Culture Enhancement Programme .  Before that, he was working in IKEA.

Shamino Tse

Mr. Shamino Tse

Assistant Manager - Projects, Peak Pacific Ltd

Shamino is now working in a learning consultant company and responsible for the design and delivery of e-learning solutions for clients to meet training and regulatory requirements. He has a solid experience in IT services management, especially in education sector.

He is a MScKM graduate in 2014, and also owns the degrees of Project Management and Computer Science. KM provides a set of tools which can be helpful to solve business problems, as well as a set of perspectives to understand business issues. Nonetheless, KM is not a common language in most teams and it is usually not the single key. Should we continue the KM journey by unlearning KM?

Mr. KF Cheng

Leader of the Provisional Executive Committee, KMP

Certified Management Consultant

KF was a MScKM graduate in 2012, and the founder of KMP2P which is now called the KMP.  Currently, KF is working as a consultant in the areas of KM and digital solutions.  He has a very mixed background, including engineering, service, sales & marketing, business development, senior management, software development, etc.  Starting 2016, together with the executive committee, KF led a change in the association, transitioning from KMP2P into KMP, with the dream for a better development and brings more opportunities to KM graduates.

In his real life practice as a consultant in 2015, KF witnessed the challenges of IT systems and development in organizations.  He decided to self-develop a KM (knowledge management) portal using online and open resources on the web, which was found making much better sense.  With much lower entry barriers, SMEs or a single department can also enjoy usable, reliable and customizable IT systems for digital automation without relying on traditional proprietary systems.  He spent the entire year in 2016, building a cloud-based KM portal using open source solutions integrated with online resources, and verified the possibility and feasibility of implementing such a customizable and flexible system without commitment for a high-cost system from expensive traditional vendors.

KF believes this can help SMEs to practice KM at a very low and affordable cost.  In 2017, he starts to promote this idea of flexible KM portal implementation, and is planning to launch workshops teaching other people how to do it on a DIY basis.

This event was organized by KF.  However, due to a business assignment, he has to leave Hong Kong on May 17, and cannot join us in this event.  However, he will pass a few words through a video.


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