How to tell a story?


2018-08-11 13:30 to 17:00


"Crossroads Foundation, 2, Castle Peak Road, Gold Coast, Tuen Mun"

How can we best share knowledge with someone?

We can give examples and instructions, we can tell them our experiences and stories, or we can simulate that expereince for them. For this event we will be experiencing two ways to share knowledge through simulations.

  • Blind Experience - River blindness is a problem faced by villagers in West Africa, causing people of all ages to lose their eye sight. What is it like to be reduced to blindness after a lifetime of seeing? This simulation puts people in the actual experience faced by suffers of River Blindness.
  • AIDS Experince - AIDS has lost it's front page position in the world's consciousness, but it is still an issue to everyday people. In this simulation we will experience the lives of four people who lives have been affected by AIDS through an interactive story, then experience the dread of waiting for the test results.

This event will be held in conjunction with Crossroads Foundation, in their purpose-built simulation spaces. They run these simulations for corporate, NGO and school groups to help spread understanding and learning. This is a unique opportunity for an interactive learning event. Feel free to invite your friends and family, but be aware that the expereince, though not dangerous, can be challenging! 

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Since the Crossroads Foundation compound is located a little further out, if there is enough interest, we can arrange a bus from an urban location to bring people to the site. Due to the site constraints, participation will be limited to 40 people!

HK$150 - Please transfer $150 to HSBC Account No: 094 489630 833 and send a picture of the transfer slip to WhatsApp 96000385.