Virtual Collaboration Tips and Tools


2020-12-01 20:00 to 21:00


Online, through Zoom

Integrating Collaboration into your Virtual Event

With the current social distancing requirements, virtual meetings are a boon in our life, but also a bane! We have had to rapidly learn how to use tools like Zoom and Teams to carry on our daily work. Most have mastered the basics, but have never go on to explore the full potential.

KMP members will share their experiences using different meeting tools for different situations and share how online collaboration tools can be integrated into virtual events to turn a one way street into a proper conversation.


The event was successfully held with over 40 people registered.  Thanks for the participations.

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Conference tools

William will share the insight of using MS Teams and Zoom and KF will share some of the new features of Google Meet

Collaboration tools

Don will introduce online white board and other collaboration tools


Don will demonstrate the use of an online white board, Miro

Tips for virtual meeting scenarios

Andreas will share his experiences with online


Open discussion and sharing time


Don Chan has been working as people and organisation development professionals for more than 14 years in numerous, sizeable companies from property management, retailing, engineering, telecommunications and catering industries.

KF is a graduate of MSc KM back in 2012, and was one of the founders of KMP.  As a KM practitioner, he has placed KM as focus in the job he did, both for companies and for clients.  He is now working as a consultant, and at the same time developing actionable practice around KM, such as content and technology.  In most of his recent research, he is working towards the structure of knowledge, both visible knowledge content in knowledge repository, and invisible knowledge in the brain, and these are relevant to people in real life.

Mr. William Ng, graduated from Master of Science in Knowledge Management (MSc KM) in 2013, is one of the core member of The Association of KM Practitioners (KMP) since the organization was established. He is a member of IET and has been working in the field of compliance engineering for almost 20 years. He is passionate about his professional in engineering, Knowledge Management, and volunteering such as participation in MILESAA.

Andreas has worked in a number of engineering related companies. After completing the KM Master’s programme is 2010, he has worked as the manager for innovation for MTR Projects Division and Knowledge Management Director at Pico Global Services. Since then, he has leveraged his wealth of experience and branched out working as a freelance consultant, educator and starting his own company, Cedar Grove.


Held in collaboration with:

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