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2022-07-21 KM Tools for driving changes through network analysis

Who are the most influential players to drive changes in the community? When a corporate culture programme is cascaded from the ‘top’ of the hierarchy, what will normally happen? How can you identify the communication blockade within your organisation?

2022-02-17 Let's Talk on Air #4 - Gen Z, our Future Workforce

When you work with Gen Z youth, do you these feelings and thoughts go through your head:

2021-12-17 KMP Annual Dinner 2021

2021-09-16 Let’s Talk on Air - #3 Post-pandemic era - Challenges or Opportunities?

After one year plus of Work from Home (WFH) or online meetings, the change of eco-system shall possibly bring us some challenges/ opportunities around the world, such as “2 years

2021-07-15 Let’s Talk on Air - #2 Peak and Trough for the Digital Marketing Game Plan

Whether you work for a global brand or local SMEs, ensuring your business can stand out from the crowd is crucial.

2021-05-25 Let’s Talk on Air - Artificial Intelligence

What makes you quit the job which you have worked for over 10 years?  What makes you dive into a completely new area of knowledge such as Artificial Intelligence?  What makes a teacher better intervene to enhance engagement among the students?  Ms Viola Lam can share her experience with the questions above. She created the first AI-driven motivation learning applications. She will share her stories on developing 4LittleTrees (4LTs), analysing students' emotions and cognitive level during studies. 

2021-03-25 Let's Talk about the Faster Horse your Clients Wanted

Don't know where to begin your KM journey? Henry Ford would be very familiar with your problem and, also, how to overcome it. The problem is, for most of the time, the inability of human beings to picture something which does not exist yet. And that is the nature of most KM projects.

2021-01-14 Developing Business and Relational Success

Following the pandemic and a globally turbulent year, it comes to our attention how we should continue to run the business forward for growth and sustainability.  No doubts there are a lot of chall

2020-12-01 Virtual Collaboration Tips and Tools

With the current social distancing requirements, virtual meetings are a boon in our life, but also a bane! We have had to rapidly learn how to use tools like Zoom and Teams to carry on our daily work. Most have mastered the basics, but have never go on to explore the full potential.

2019-07-23 Action Learning Session

We are continuing our series of Action Learning sessions. Last time we had a fruitful discussion on communicating with young people. Even after one session it was clear that members had started developing a trust relationship and were better able to collaborate.  

2019-07-06 15th Year Celebration of the MSc in KM Program

A celebration of the 15th year of the MScKM program, and Prof. Eric Tsui's new role at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

2019-05-25 Solving Real World Problems with KM

Three graduates of MSc in KM will be sharing how they have been able to use their KM training to solve problems that they have faced in their day-to-day working life.

2019-05-21 Action Learning Session

Our first real Action Learning session which will be facilitaed real sessions,. This is a good opportunity to apply KM learning to real world problems.

2019-04-27 An Introduction to Action Learning

Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real issues, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization.  It helps organizations develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to pressing issues.

2018-12-15 KM Developments and Innovations in the Legal Industry

One of the aims of KMP is to present KM on a more practical level to help its members on their KM journey.

2018-10-24 KMP Review 2018

In the last semester, as part of the ISE 5605 Knowledge Communities module, one group of students chose to carry out a review of KMP.

2018-09-21 KMP Gathering Mid- Autumn 2018

A mid -Autumn festival gathering for our KM practitioners, enjoying a chinese meal together along with some moon cake.

2018-08-11 How to tell a story?

How to best share knowledge with someone by experiencing in 2 ways through simulations - blind experience & AIDS experience.

2018-07-20 KM Practitioners' Gathering - July 2018

The bimonthly opportunity to meet and share with your fellow KM practitioners at Mall Cafe, The Salibsury, Salisbury Road, T.S.T.

2018-07-07 An Introduction to Data Science

With current technology and the integration of sensing equipment in almost every aspect of our lives (i.e.

2018-04-28 Career Planning - Advice from Grads

Many industries are facing rapid changes resulting to equally rapid changes in the the job market.

2018-03-17 Annual Dinner 2018

The second KMP Annual Dinner will be held on 17 March 2018j.  Once a year, it is a golden opportunity to connect with our good friends who were once were our partners in the KM journey:

2018-01-13 Knowledge Risk and its Management with Haley Tsang

Combining the Practitioner's Monthly Gathering with a talk by Miss Haley Tsang on Knowledge Risk. We will start with a lunch in PolyU, then move to a quieter room to listen to Haley tell us about her Master's research on Knowledge Risk, which is an important and current topic as a recent discussion.

2017-11-17 KM Practitioners' Gathering - November 2017

The bimonthly opportunity to meet and share with your fellow KM practitioners

2017-10-21 KMP review 2017

KMP is over a year old, it is time that we did a little self reflection, With this exercise we hope to see where we are, review where we are going, and make any necessary changes.

2017-09-08 KM Practitioners' Gathering - September 2017

The bimonthly opportunity to meet and share with your fellow KM practitioners

2017-09-02 An Introduction to Action Learning

Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real issues, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization. It helps organizations develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to pressing issues.

2017-07-14 KM Practitioners' Gathering - Jul 2017

This is a bi-monthly face-to-face dinner gathering for KM Practitioners, target at connect and share.

2017-05-20 KM in Action - The Reality

We see how ever-changing technologies continue to change human behavior.  Does knowledge management (KM) still have a place in business?  How can KM practitioners suceed in this digital revolution age?

2017-05-12 KMP Gathering - May 2017

This is a bi-monthly face-to-face dinner gathering for KM Practitioners, target at connect and share.

2017-03-10 KM Practitioners' Gathering - Mar 2017

the KMP will start this KM Practitioners' Gathering on a bi-monthly basis, to allow more face-to-face connect-and-share opportunities for the KMP members and practitioners.  This one on March 10 will be the first one.

2017-01-14 Annual Dinner 2016

The first KMP Annual Dinner held on January 14, 2017.

2016-12-10 Experience Sharing: Building a KM Portal using Open Source

In knowledge management, the portal plays a crucial part in an organization.

2016-08-27 KM – How it works with HR

Under the volatile knowledge economy, we need knowledge - useful and updated ones to solve problems and survive under the comeptitve envirionment.

2016-08-12 Innovation in Product, Service & Quality

Innovation has been an important topic in the market.  In knowledge management, we talk about product and service innovation.  However, how can we achieve innovation in reality?

2016-07-30 KM as a Career - An In-Depth Dialogue with the Professional

Is KM a profession?  Can KM be a career?  What kind of works a KM manager is supposed to do in reality?  What will be the expectations?  What is the prospect of being a KM manager?

2016-07-09 Appreciative Inquiry (AI) - Unleashing Organizational Potential and Learning Capacity

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strengths-based process for building teamwork, trust and collaboration, enhancing employee engagement, generating a spirit of creativity and innovation, and ensuring

2016-06-25 KM Careers & Challenges - A Review of the Knowledge Organisations Competency Framework

In the KM Careers and Challenges event held on May 7th, we heard from KM practitioners about the possibilities and challenges of working in KM.

2016-05-21 Yum Cha 2016-05-21

As a result of cancellation of the Hiking Day 2016 Event due to unstable weather, there will be a substitute event "Yum Cha", which is a

2016-05-21 Knowledge Hiking Day 2016 (CANCELLED)

Knowledge Hiking Day (cancelled due to typhoon)

2016-05-07 KM Careers & Challenges - Dialogue with the Practitioners

Organized by KMP2P, led by a KM alumni group, and supported by KMIRC, this inaugural event aims to explore post-graduation opportunities and challenges of KM practice in Hong Kong.

2016-03-12 Making innovation work: knowledge creation at the intersection of technology and business models

"Knowledge Management" rarely stands alone to show the values to the business and operations, neither accepted as the cornerstone for small business being conglomerate.

2015-12-12 KMP2P talk on Introduction to Taxonomic Design and Impressions of KM Asia

Taxonomy was one of the most common projects that KMIRC had done in the past few years, and it is one of the subject in our KM study.

2015-11-14 BBQ networking night on 14 Nov 2015

Starting from 2 Nov, temperature dropped, wind breezed and everyperson put on jacket. That's the signal of Autumn... Let's join the BBQ networking night, where you can meet new and old members, plus the their invited guests. Please read the details as follows:

2015-09-12 Real Life KM in WorkPlace

For those students who are still studying the MScKM course, they might consider looking for a KM job after graduation.  For those who has graduated might have tried already.

2015-03-21 Workshop & Talk on "How Acculturation Process Strengthen CoP"

Event cancelled due to speaker

2015-02-28 KMP2P 2015 CNY Yum Cha Gathering

A casual CNY gathering for the CNY is organized by the Project Group, for the purpose of getting together and catchup.

2014-03-15 KMP2P A Trial of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

A Trial of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, a team building exercise.

2013-11-23 Experience Sharing on Implementing KM in the Workplace

We have learnt many theories on how KM helps our business and how networking can help knowledge transfer within the organization.

2013-07-27 A Gurteen Knowledge Cafe with Bill Proudfit

Summer is here and so is the first professional development activity for KMP2P members.