The Old Code of Conduct

This is the old KMP2P version of Code of Conduct, which is not applicable any more.

KMP2P is aimed to provide a platform to develop members to become KM Practitioners and KM Professionals. It provides members a channel to connect, share, learn and co-create. To help members focus on the topics discussed and respect for each other, the Code of Conduct is set to ensure the users are having a good experience when operating at the KMP2P website.

By using this website, you argee to follow the rules listed below:


  1. You will give response or post materials that align with the mission, values, and rules and regulations of KMP2P.
  2. You will quote reference or acknowledge copyrights of the materials used.
  3. You will support the development of KMP2P in a positive manner.
  4. You will provide us your valid contact information that can be reached by KMP2P at times whenever needed.


  1. You will not post ideas, publish materials that infringe the copyrights of the others.
  2. You will not provide materials with offensive content, rude languages or indecent images.
  3. You will not submit materials that will abuse or threaten others.
  4. You will not use this website to sell or promote your products or services.
  5. You will not use this website to advocate illegal activities.
  6. You will not use this website to carry out deeds that are not related to KMP2P objectives.

The Web Administrator has the right to immediately delete any posts or material that are found inappropriately published on this website. Any user who violates the rule under this Code of Conduct, the user will be warned by written communication. If the misconduct occurred again, your KMP2P membership will be suspended without notice.

If you have any question on the use of KMP2P website, please email to the Web Administrator


~ Thank You ~