The Old Rules & Regulations

This is the rules & regulations from the old KMP2P website, which is not applicable any more:

Same as in all other organizations or societies, all members of all different categories are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the KMP2P Community.  

  1. Members are eligible to join the activities organised by KMP2P, share and respond at members’ area, and submit articles for publication at the KMP2P website. 
  2. Members’ sharing and interaction need to meet KMP2P’s requirement set for members, e.g. in code of conduct, data privacy, etc.
  3. If you are a ordinary member, non-KM-professional and you need help, please post your questions in the website and use it to resolve your questions.  If, you need further in-depth KM consultation, then KM consultants will be recommended to you.
  4. This community is not a feeding trough for companies looking for business... It's a garden to plant seeds in! Be a blessing...

As long as the rules are followed, then get ready to meet tons of KM Lovers who are dedicated to Knowledge Management, Business and Success. 

Please follow us so that we can provide a lot more resources to you besides this one group.

Offence in Rules & Regulations can be liable to different results as determined on a joint decision by appropriate authorities in the KMP2P Committee.