Codes of Conduct


One important aspect of knowledge sharing is trust and integrity. KMP is committed to promote and maintain a high standard of ethics, professionalism of practice and integrity. All KMP members must recognize their responsibility to clients, service partners, employers, colleagues, employees, fellow members, and to the society in general. We require our members to uphold these professional and ethical standards.

For All Members

  • Members shall demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and diligence in the performance of his or her duties, including adherence to generally accepted business etiquette
  • Members shall not engage in any illegal, unethical, unfair or unprofessional personal, social or professional activities
  • Members shall respect the diversity of opinions, cultures and the praivacy of other members
  • Members shall not post or act in an abusive manner.  Members shall also provide correct information about themselves.
  • Members shall, at all times, exhibit the highest level of integrity in the performance of all professional activities and related assignments and shall, at all times, act honestly in their professional dealings with customers and clients, employers, employees, and fellow members of KMP.
  • Members shall not reveal any confidential information obtained during a professional engagement or business activity, without obtaining proper authorization. Nor shall a member, knowingly or recklessly, disseminate any false or misleading information, either on his own behalf or on behalf of anyone else
  • Members shall continually strive to increase the competence and effectiveness of their abilities in their business practices

For Executive Committee (ExCo) Members

  • All KMP ExCo Members, as volunteers, shall demonstrate a high integrity and ethical standard in their serving of KMP
  • A ExCo Member shall be in an official capacity to represent KMP on any formal engagements with other organizations, firms, businesses or NGOs, only if they are endorsed by the ExCo (or corresponding authorites in KMP) in writing and recorded in a formal Council meeting
  • No ExCo Member shall receive any monetary benefits from KMP for services they render to KMP unless the service rendered has been properly tendered under a fair procedure
  • All ExCo Members shall clearly communicate their score of services to KMP and try their best to fulfill their kind considerations as they intend
  • All ExCo Members shall strike their best to contribute to the mission of KMP, and the well being of Hong Kong KM profession

If you believe someone has violated this Code of Conduct, please contact with your concerns.

The Executive Committee, reserves the rights to modify or remove any posts, articles, links, etc, that the committee deems to be offensive or inappropriate without prioir notice. Members who persist in unethical or unprofessional behaviour may have their membership suspended or revoked with all fees and benefits forfeited. The ExCo decsision shall be final.