Welcome to this Members Area

Welcome to become KMP members.  My name is KF Cheng, founder of the KMP and KMP2P, and a graduate of MScKM of 2012.  If you're new to this website, I'll advise you to do the following:

  1. There is a membership directory which people can easily find and recognize you as a KMP member, a symbol of learning and practitioning.  It helps our members to achieve their branded exposure in the market.
  2. Upload your portrait photo, and update your personal profile accordingly.  Click on your username on the top right hand corner and there it is your profile.  Click on the 'Edit' tab and you can update your own profile.  Note that there are a few private fields such as your phone number.  It can only be visible by yourself and the KMP officials.  Your privacy is protected.
  3. If you're a MScKM member or above, you are eligible to blogs publishing.  Make use of this a tool for your practising, and get recognized.  Sharing of knowledge is a easy step to connect with friends.
  4. Pay attention to upcoming activities, and join us in these events.  You'll also find what we did in the past too.
  5. Check out the different communities.  More will be coming.   Community of Practice (CoP) is one of the best way to learn.  Select which ones you like and join as their community members.  If you wish, you can also form and lead a new community which is beneficial both to other members and yourself.
  6. We encourage our members to share, which is an excellent way to practice.  You'll never know what opportunities will come to you as a surprise.  See what other members do in the upcoming sharing area.  Events or activities will be organized in the pipeline to cover these sharings.  You can either prepare to join, or you can be one of them to share.

We hope you enjoy being a member of KMP.  If you want to know more about us, the following 3-min video might give you a very brief introduction.  Do talk to me (kfcheng@kmp.hk) or any members in the Executive Committee if you have any queries, ideas or comments.  We look forward to seeing you face-to-face soon.


KF Cheng
on behalf of the Executive Committee

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