Announcement on Leadership Changes in KMP

Dear Members,
We have some important announcements regarding the Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners we would like to share with you.


  1. KF Cheng, due to work reasons, has resigned as the Provisional Executive Committee (PEC) Leader, but will remain as a PEC member.
  2. Andreas Sher was elected the new PEC Leader.
  3. We are planning to move KMP forward with a 6 month plan.
  4. Events that being planned for the new few months:
    • a KMP review, based on the results of the ISE5605 students' investigation of KMP
    • Introduction to Action Learning in association with WIAL
  5. The next KMP social gathering will be help on the 14th July.



As KF has accepted a position in China and has had to move full time to Hangzhou, he is not able to spend the necessary time to lead the PEC. He therefore took the step to resign as PEC Leader. At the last PEC meeting held on the 31st May 2017, Andreas Sher was nominated as the PEC Leader, nominally for the period of 1 year. KF will still remain in the PEC and will still be an active member of KMP.
The PEC is preparing a six month plan for the growth of KMP. The focus will be on increasing the content on the KMP website and improving the participation rates. The bi-monthly social gatherings will still continue and there are several activities being prepared for July and August. In July we are planning to organise an event around the review carried out by the MSc KM students who reviewed KMP this past semester. We will also roll out the 6 month plan to grow activity around the website. In addition, we will be seeking out feedback from our members on what we are doing wrong, what we are doing right and what else we need to be doing to cater to our members. In August we are working with Dorothy Tsui and Linus Chan of World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) to organise an introductory and experience session on Action Learning. Dorothy joined us last year to present Appreciative Inquiry to us. We are also working on further collaborations. Look out for details to be sent out in the next few weeks.
Finally our next social gathering will happen on the 14th July in the PolyU staff club at 18:30 (pay-your-way dinner). These bi-monthly dinners are a low pressure way to get to know your fellow KMPers and enjoy a relaxing dinner. A detailed notification will be sent out shortly, but to join the dinner you can sign up on this
Google form or find more details on
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please contact one of the PEC members:

Andreas Sher
PEC Leader

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