A KM Workshop in Beijing by 孙行者

孙行者, a famous KM practitioner in Beijing with 10+ years of practical KM experience in large international corporations, is going to organize a workshop in KM, emphasizing on a brand new 1+1+1 model, which means learning 讲授 + practising 行路 + debating 思辨.  The workshop is going to be held on March 13-15, 2017 in Beijing.  It is a good opportunity for underrstand the practical execution of KM in China, as well as connecting with the KM practitioners in China.

This workshop is organized by Dr. Wu 吴庆海.  He was the former CKOs of several large international corporations, including Siemens & COFCO, etc.

Anyone from KMP who are interested to attend, can contact KF Cheng for a special arrangement.


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