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Action Reminders
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Site Inspection

Spot specific requirements of venue:

  • seating, lighting, air-conditions, banner, backdrop, rest-rooms, signs, etc.
  • equipment including projector, projector screen, microphones, amplifiers, Hi-Fi, TVs, computers, connections, internet, WiFi, power connection for computers, etc.
  • controls and inter-connections
  • consumables availability including batteries for microphone, flip-charts, white board markers, etc.
  • transportation, walking path directions or signs
  • decoration needs such as banner, backdrop, x-stands, posters, wall-postings, hanging pictures, booths, etc.  make measurements when dimensions of these materials matter.
  • seats & furniture, including furniture for stage, for reception desk, for discussion panels, or for other needs

It is recommended to take photos and share with other workers or speakers when necessary.


Special handling of different categories of audience, such as

  • normal participants
  • VIPs, special guests, speakers
  • people from special organizations
  • the press

It might require different handling for different categories of people

Admission Control

A process of registration verifications and admission might need to be planned in a simple & efficient manner.  It is remidned of the following:

  • List of participants need to be prepared, but notice be taken what info to be included to avoid careless exposure of personal data.
  • it might not always be necessary to have an admission process
  • people arrived not on the list and how to handle
  • proper understanding of workers at the reception
  • containers for collection of business cards, on-site registration form, reply forms, etc.
  • systems, computers or tools might be needed, depending on the design of the process, and when applicable, these devices might also require electricity supply and internet connection

IMPORTANT:  Personal information must be kept confidential, including participants' information and business cards collected.  Meke sure it is properly handled, and all these information or materials be properly protected without exposure to the unauthorized people.

Cleaning & Tidy-up after Event It is also important to make sure the venue be cleaned and tidy-up after use before handing over back to the Venue Owners.





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