Event Preparation Checklist


The following should be prepared prior to the event

Location / Session Materials Details
Stage Script for MCs Include detailed run-downs, name of guests & speakers, their name in full, titles, organizations, name of presentations, name of awards, etc.
  Questions to Ask by MC The MC might need to prepare a few questions to ask the speakers to avoid embarrassing situations, or some lead-in questions to raise the interests of the audiences.  Sometimes, the speakers might like some specific questions to be asked either by the MCs or by the audience.
  Presentation software, software tools & content

PPT, audio-visual, movie players, materials from internet, life demo.  Pre-load the necessary software and content into the computer whenever possible, and preform testing prior to start of event.

Music or songs, background music, display on screen, announcement on screen, run-down/sessions on screen, guests/speakers intro on screen, etc., should be prepared ahead of time.  Be reminded  to have the right people controlling the setup & displays.

  Presentation hardware & hardware tools

Mic, presenter, pointers, Hi-Fi audio, computers for presentation, projector, projector screen, remote control, recording devices.  In particular:

  • batteries for mic
  • connection of computers to projector
  • connection of audio cable, e.g. for playing video
  Testing of Venue & Stage Equipment

Testing prior to start of event.  Work with Venue Owners and/or Technical Personnel to make sure everything functioning and connected, including but not limited to:

  • lighting, switching, remote controls
  • presenters
  • microphones, batteries, volume
  • computers, USB & internet connections
  • Movie players, audio cable connection, sound effect

Prior on-site testing with speakers is recommended to make them feel comfortable.  Teaching them how to use the presenter with life test will be helpful.

  Awards & Certificates

Awards, certificates, certificate of appreciations for speakers, souvenirs, lucky draw, gifts, etc.

Proper storage at right location convenient for use at the stage should be planned.  Care should be taken in ordering, delivering on stage, announcements, packages, etc.  Be reminded of:

  • tools & process for lucky draw
  • invitation of right people for lucky draw, for award/certificate presentations, with prior notifications
  Drinks for people on stage water of drinks for speakers on the stage
  Stage furniture furniture necessary for the stage, such as presentation stand, table, chairs, etc.
Reception Desk Furniture

table & chairs for registrations.  In particular:

  • right size of tables and table cloth
  • right location in or outside the venue
  • time to ready - when the reception desk can be setup
  Stationeries stationeries required for registrations, such as pens, pencils, thick pens, signing pens, rubbers, staplers & staples, tapes, strong tapes, blank papers, etc.
  Participant List participant lists should be prepared for on-site registration, or system / devices might be needed.

Sometimes decoration of the reception is desired.  Printing of backdrop or banner might be needed.  Make sure to prepare enough time for the printing, delivery & arrangement.  Pay attention to emergency situations such as

  • weather
  • too many people
  Name Tags or Badges

Prior preparation of name tags might be needed.  Be reminded of the following:

  • Special name tags or corsages 襟花 for VIPs, special guests, speakers, special organizers, or the press.
  • A good order for searching on the spot in a timely manner
  • People not on the list - blank tags might need to be prepared

Workers badge - in some cases, it might be desired to have special badges for the workers/helpers so that audience can easily recognize their roles.

  Guests Signatures Guest Signing Books might need to be prepared in some occasions.  Proper signing pens or markers should also be prepared.  It is reminded to take care of the Signing Book afterwards.
  Feedback Survey Feedback forms, or online feedback survey.  Prior preparation is necessary.  In case of online feedback survey, it is preferred to have a printed URL for each participant.
  Materials for distributions

Prior preparation is necessary for all materials to be distributed.  It might happen different kits be needed for different people, e.g. Press Kits.  These following might need to be considered, but not limited to:

  • brochures, leaflets, catalogs
  • event detailed run-downs
  • membership enrolment forms, feedback forms
  • promotion of other events or products
  • gifts, souvenirs
  • bags or folders

Sometimes, it might also be desired to pre-distribute all such materials in the seats on the floor prior to start of the event.

  Parking Tickets

When free parking is arranged that requires parking tickets, the reception desk is one of the office that can handle.  Be reminded of:

  • Proper prior arrangement of parking be done
  • Proper instructions to reception desk workers, with whom be eligible
  • Guests with prior parking arrangement should be properly marked on the participation list to draw attention of workers
  • Proper understanding of handling to all workers at the reception should be made
  • If special guest handling assistants are available, they can take charge too
Seating Seats on the stage When it is needed, e.g. panel discussion.  Note that things happening on stage has to be fast.  Storage space and stage assistants may be needed.
  Resting areas for speakers In some large and long events, a separate room might need to be arranged separately for the VIPs and speakers to take a rest instead of staying in the venue hall all the time
  Reserved seats for speakers usually the front row.  Proper markings of reservation should be prepared.
  Reserved seats for VIPs Proper markings of reservation should be prepared
  Awardee In case of award ceremonies, special seating locations might also be needed for awardees so that they can sit together
  Seating Assistants

In some cases, it might require specific arrangement of separate Seating Assistants to lead the guests, speakers and audience into the venue and make sure an orderly seating and avoid empty seats are being taken up for bags.

Seating Assistants should always pay attention to empty seats available all the time, and be able to spot empty seats in a timely manner to facilitate efficient seating.  They should also be prepared to pro-actively talk to audience taking up unnecessary seats.

Some of these Seating Assistants may need to stay at the reception for VIP guests or speakers.

Break Sessions Location Proper location should be prepared for tea breaks.  All materials, food and drinks should be properly prepared prior to break time.  Efficiency is one of the major consideration.  It should also be considered whether proper seating & tables are needed.
  Food & Beverages

Prior preparation should be made catering enough for the number of audiences.  Attentions:

  • Proper food & beverage should be considered
  • Plates, cups, or any other tools might be needed.  Make sure enough numbers are available.
  • Consider cleaniness and hygiene factors of the food & drinks
  • Waters be prepared in addition to drinks

Do not forget separate preparation of water for the speakers on the stage.

  Wastes & Disposals There will be a lot of wastes and dispoals after the break.  Proper preparation of bins or garbage bags should be prepared, and proper handling afterwards.
  Announcement The MC should make an announcement at the time of the breaks, and most importantly the time prepared for break, and when to come back.  Do not forget the location of the tea breaks, and directions to wash-rooms.
  Signs to Wash Rooms Direction / signs to wash rooms be prepared
Demo / Expo Booth Demo / Expo Areas When it is needed, proper prior agreement, and perhaps prior approvals might be needed.  Proper location should be selected to avoid interference with the main event or the participants.
  Decoration Prior understand and approval should be made with the organizer, co-organizer and Venue Owner.  Costs might be incurred.
  Facilities & Equipment Special facilities & equipment might be needed, such as electricity, spot lights, internet connection, electricity sockets, etc.  Prior arrangement is necessary.  Costs might be incurred.
  Cleaning & Tidy-up Individual vendors should be responsible for cleaning, and restoring everything to original of their booth after event is over.
Outside the Venue Site Map & Signs

Maps, direction signs, etc., might need to be prepared, and posted in the walking paths outside the venue.  Preparation of these direction signs is needed, and require people to handle at least 1/2 hour prior to the start of the event.  It is also important to clean things up afterwards.

Prior approval might be necessary in some cases.

  Direction Signs for Wash Room Direction signs for wash rooms for both male and female also needed near the venue.

In general, car parking is not available.  In case car parking is arranged for special guests or speakers, prior proper arrangement might be necessary, and normally require:

  • Prior arrangement for the individual so need their names, car plate numbers, expected time of arrival.
  • Proper driving directions for parking should be communicated well to these guests.  It might require a map with directions and instructions sent over by email prior to their arrival.
  • Proper parking instructions to handle free parking arrangement, as these guests will arrive on their own before meeting with the hosts.
  • An emergency contact no. for these guests so that they know who to talk to when there are emergencies, or when they need help.  A contact person should be assigned for this purpose, and preferably this person be available to run between the venue and carpark.  This person should also make it clear how to communicate verbally on the phone to describe locations and directions when necessary.  Use of cell phone GPS facilities might help.





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