The KMP Platform


The KMP platform ( is built by KF Cheng, based on the strategy of Open Source Integration Platform (OSIP) to support all KMP activities, and achieve the following objectives:

  • A single destination of reference - everything about KMP, including all information and activities can be found on the platform
  • An identity of the association, and individual members (subject to membership level)
  • Facilitate all activities of the association, such as events, meetings, jobs, etc.
  • Automate all transactions as much as possible and easy access of results
  • Keep things transparent to the members, or among authorized persons/parties
  • Information and materials for learning
  • Collaboration and sharing

About the OSIP strategy

Open Source Integration Platform, abbreviated OSIP, named by KF Cheng of IntelliLife HK, is a strategy to build website and portals using suitable open-source technologies as the base platform, and integrate suitable functionalities with other online resources.  The advantages include:

  • Low cost of ownership.  Development cost in terms of labour and time will be higher than standard packages.  However, it is not uncommon that most organizations utilize only a fraction of standard platforms due to different reasons.  Standard platforms becomes complicated, costly to maintain, and require experienced technical support people to support.  Customization is possible but becomes costly too.
  • Open source platform are normally co-developed worldwide.  A good open-source platform has already gone through a lot of challenges in the market, and many improvements has already been made and available.  It is normally more flexible for customization.  Themes, skins, modules, plugins are normally available to support different requirements in business.  New and trendy market needs are likely to be available somewhere in the world on the same platform.  A suitably chosen open-source platform is not necessarily too worse than standard packages, but only at a small fraction of the cost.
  • It is very often more important a matter of how to use a system, rather than what features to buy in the practical sense.  It is probably more viable in investing in the training of utilizing the tools.
  • Specific online services build their services based on their focused expertise and specialties.  Such a focused and specialized development will easily out-run the other competitors in the market.  There are many such examples in the online market.  Suitably chosen online utilities and services can be used by integrating into the base open-source platform which offers many additional benefits, such as:
    • offload the original base-platform server
    • the modular and detached manner lowers the risks of technical complexities of the base platform
    • benefit the advanced features and improvements of the specialized service, as well as fast upgrade opportunities to keep staying at the forefront
    • in some cases, separate analytics available without sacrifice in complications and speed
    • still allow flexibilities to switch to other online services when necessary

The main reasons for KMP to develop our portal using open-source and online resources integrations are:

  • Manageable internally with minimal cost
  • Allow changes from time-to-time depending on needs.  Flexibility going forward for modifications and enhancement

The platform is built with responsive web design, meaning a single site to support different devices.  Therefore the structure of the website is mainly vertical, and minimal sidebars.  With this vertical layout structure nature, the following are featured:

  • The top Main Menu is designed for items of interests to public, general members, or for more frequently used items, to facilitate non-familiar people to search information.
  • Other menus, special menus, internal use menus, and especially those less frequently used, are placed at the bottom of the site.





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