New Membership Handling


Whenever there are new members joining the association, there are a lot of work to do.  It is far more complicated that can be imagined.

  1. Check whether it is a duplicate.  If it is, whether there are any update of info
    • Duplicates can be found in different forms
      • Duplication of email address
      • Duplication of mobile phone no.
    • If there are duplicates
      • Members might have forgotten they are members already.  They should be notified of the situation, and reminds their membership, and any news or updates you might want them to know.
      • Record amendments if there are any changes, in files, in system or in eDM.  Clarify with the members for such changes is necessary.
      • Properly store their application form to the original location
    • If it is a new membership application, it will be much more simple, but still require to:
      • Verify with the new member of any uncertainties
      • Assign membership number if applicable, update file, system & eDM
      • Properly store their application forms
      • Confirm the membership by returning a proper email
      • If login to website is available, notify the login credentials and/or procedures accordingly.
      • After confirmation of credentials, give an initial introduction.  Preferably, this initial introduction is available on the website too for consistency.
  2. Check whether the new members are originally in the mailing list
    • If they are originally in the mailing list, they should be removed.  They should appear in the member list for eDM instead.

This should go into secretariat's job.




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