Posting & Commenting Guidelines


When we post or comment on the content on this website, following guidelines are recommended.  In order to protect a healthy development of KMP, content, posting or comments which are considered inappropriate are liable to deletion or modification by the authorized party in KMP.

  • Etiquette - be polite and stay on the topic or subject matter, do not make self-promotion, and do not flag or downvote comments just because you disagree.
  • Disagreements - disagreements are fine, but insults are not.  In KMP, we encourage mutual respect even though there are disagreements.
  • Spamming - No spamming, baiting, slandering, trolling or doxing is allowed.
  • Political - no posting or commenting of political nature is allowed.  KMP is established for learning and knowledge sharing, not for any political parties.
  • Pornography - no posting or commenting of porno or sexual nature is allowed.
  • Privacy - do not post personal information.  No contact information should be posted in general except the author's own contact at own discretion and risks.  However, this should not be mis-used for self-promotion.
  • Rules & regulations - violation of the rules and regulations is strictly forbidden.
  • Codes of conduct - violation of the codes of conduct of KMP is strictly forbidden.
  • All comments and postings can be removed at moderator's discretion.
  • Users are subject to be banned in case of violation against KMP's policies and guidelines, at the moderator's discretion.




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