Promotion Channels


Event Promotion can be done in following channels:

  • Website traffic - this is why the event webpage is created, and work as the single point of reference.  The event banner can also be displayed on the front home page of the website too, with a link re-directing to the event webpage.
  • Press announcement, press release
  • eDM - electronic direct mail can be sent to the members and mailing list.  Prepare the email message and necessary graphics, banners.  eDM can be sent more than one time, but it should be carefully arranged not to cause spamming.  Contact KF Cheng to arrange the eDM.
  • KMP Facebook Page, and KMP2P Facebook Group - create a event but emphasize event registration required on the website.
  • Supporting Organizations - one of the reason to find supporting organizations is to promote the event through their channels or members.  Give them sufficient information or tools so that they can put on their website, or send their eDM.  Some of the common organizations that KMP work closely with include:
  • Social media networks - post the event webpage to different social networks, through own or friends' connections.
  • The PolyU MScKM Wechat group setup by Frankie
  • A group was established by KF but not really effectively
  • Through your own connections





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