Roles Assignment Checklist


People responsible in different areas should be pre-assigned, and clear instructions should be given for a better coordination.

Event Role Assignments & Responsibilities
Location / Session Roles / People Responsibility & Details
N/A Event Manager The Event Manager preparing for the event should also be the person in-charge on the spot of the event day too.
Stage MCs

In charge of the stage, opening & closing briefs, progress, timing, run-down, control, announcement, or any ad-hoc changes.  Therefore the MCs should be very clear about the entire event and run-down.  The MCs should always stay on the stage, or standby near the stage.

The MCs should also make sure that the speakers has brought their PPT or materials, and all equipments, presentations to be tested before start of the event.

Be also prepared for group photos, break instructions announcement, direction for rest-rooms or exits, etc.

  Presentation Assistant

Responsible for loading PPTs for different speakers, and on-screen displays not belonging to speakers, e.g. on-screen backdrop, in between sessions, speakers introduction display, breaks, announcements, etc.

He is also the one responsible for connecting computers or devices to projectors, therefore he should be the best person responsible for prior on-site testing of everything, and testing with individual speakers.

Sometimes, it is necessary to control the lighting of the venue.  The Presentation Assistant should be responsible for this, or work together with another Stage Assistant when the lighting control is too far to reach.

Some speakers might want to bring their own computers or devices.  The Presentation Assistant should also be responsible for helping and testing of the connections.  If power is needed, make sure power connection bar is prepared prior to the event.

The Presentation Assistant should be very familiar with settings and control of the venue equipment and environment.  Somebody with a little bit technical knowledge and experience would be more suitable.  If necessary, it is recommended to have a prior site visit to understand and get familiar with all these controls.  Prior understanding with the Venue In Charge or the Technical Personnel is needed.

  Stage Assistants

MCs should always be on the stage, or standby near the stage.  Anything else which require people to move around for the purpose of helping arrangement of the stage will be done by the Stage Assistants.  Examples include delivering awards and certificates for presentations, re-arrangement of chairs for panel discussions, etc.

  Timing Assistant It is not uncommon to have people responsible for keep track of the timing for each speakers to avoid or minimize over-run, which will affect the following speakers or the entire event.  This person will be responsible for keeping the timing, and signal to the speakers and MCs on the stage when time is running out, or when time is over.  Tools might be needed for this purpose to show the timing.
Reception Desk Reception Desk Helpers Registration desk should be manned the entire time.  Special attention
  Guests/Participants Seating Helpers

If necessary, helpers be available to receive the VIP guests or speakers, lead them into the venue, and introduce to the right people.  They can also help to spot empty seats for participants arrived to keep an orderly seating.

If possible, contact the VIP guests or speakers 1 or 2 days prior to the event, establish initial touch, exchange mobile phone numbers, arrange place & time to meet, make sure their presentations are ready, etc.  If possible, obtain a copy of their presentation prior to the event for security reason.  These helpers can also serve as the speakers' primary contact when they arrive on-site.  Photo taking might be one of the things to arrange on-site for speakers.

Floor Audience Q&A Sometimes it might be needed to arrange a few floor audience to ask some questions.  These questions might requrie some prior thoughts or preparations.  It might also be the desire of the speakers for some questions to be asked too.
Others Photographers

Multiple photographers might be needed, but a single Chief Photographer should be assigned in charge of the allocation of duties and spots among the photographers.  In particular:

  • Prior preparation - lighting, backdrops, etc., are something that requires prior preparation.
  • Positions - photographers should pre-select their respective positions and reserve their seats for the best or preferred angle of shooting.  He/she might need to move around.  Proper storage of their equipment should be noticed.  The photographers can also consider the height of the spot they take, and might require chairs or ladders.
  • Hot spots for photo-taking - reception desk, stage, backdrops, banners, etc.
  • Group photo - pre-examine the right spot, lighting and setting for group photo.  Sometimes, staging and seating might be needed and prior arrangement might be necessary.  Helpers might be needed to invite the people, move the furniture, arrange their orders, etc.  The photographers should also be responsible to remind guests shaping their appearance, and lining up in the right order.
  • Helpers might be needed to help guests to take pictures using their own devices, which is very common nowadays.  If possible, this should not be the assigned photographers.
  • For an in-door event, lighting will be a restriction.  It is advisable to prepare flash lights and necessary pre-charged batteries.  Attention to the time shutter speed or other aids should be made to make sure photo taken will be under good lighting conditions and not blurred.
  • Different cameras with different lens apertures would be good to cover both wide angle and focused long lens.  Changing of lens during an event is not practical.  When there are more than 1 photographer, different camera equipment to cover different situations might need to be discussed.
  • Bracketing might 

It is very important for the Chief Photographer to be responsible for collecting all photos right after the event on the spot, and pass over to the Event Manager.

  Video-Taking Video taking requires special equipment & setting.  A dedicated stationery spot might be necessary.
  Helpers / Volunteers

It might be necessary to arrange extra workers temporarily, paid or voluntary.  Be reminded of:

  • Clear understanding of time to start, and time to finish
  • Briefing session
  • Clear written instructions & responsibilities
  • Emergency arrangements





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